2009 Dodge Caliber Reviews

4 out of 5

The Caliber is GOOD

Feb 21, 2010

I love my little Caliber. The first time I heard of one was when I needed to rent a car to go to Al. It handled so nice on the highway and didn't kill me at the pump. I liked it so much that I bought one a few months later and I'm glad I did. Besides the great looks of the car it drives great. We have some of the worst roads and weather in my town, but this little car handles it smoothly. From digging me out in the snow to handling the pot holes and black ice like a pro. When I purchase my car my grandmother liked it so much that she bought one too. And we both have drove our Calibers to Fl and back for the family vacation. The 2.4 liter engine runs like a champ and the Boston stereo system has to be the best factory system out there. The fold flat seats are great for our travel needs. The one knock I do have with my Caliber is that with the a/c on it burns alot more gas than I expected. I'd never thought I'd find a car that I'd like more than my Jeep in the winter but this car flat out moves. I'm hopeing that the car my car keeps runing smoothly for years to come. I truly love my American made car.

2009 Dodge Caliber R/T4dr Front-wheel Drive Hatchback

Why Chrysler Went Bankrupt: Exhibit A

Sep 27, 2009

I had to rent one of these this past Spring while my car was in the body shop. It was a 2009 with less than 5000 miles. It looks nice and I like the idea of a small wagon, but what a turd this car is! The interior materials were cheap plastics straight out of 1985. None of the panels completely matched or lined up to look clean and uniform. Everything inside this car ********** and flimsy. On the freeway, the little automatic robbed the 4-banger of whatever power it had (I will never own a 4-cylinder with an automatic). Dodge released this car to the god-awful Neon, but other than being a cool looking sport wagon, the quality on this car isn't any better. I thought maybe I had just been given a bad one from the rental lot, but when I looked up the reviews on this car at home, I quickly discovered that this car was worse than my impressions. Even Consumer Reports gave this car its lowest rating possible. Keep in mind, the Caliber directly competes against imports like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Sorry folks, but Japan learned how to build small cars a long time ago, they were always an afterthought in America and the Caliber is proof. Overall, my impression of the Caliber was that of a poorly slapped together car with whatever spare parts Chrysler had. If this represents their commitment to quality, I will never drive any product from this company ever again.

2009 Dodge Caliber SE4dr Front-wheel Drive Hatchback

Review of 2009 Dodge Caliber

Sep 20, 2009

just bought my dodge caliber two weeks ago and i love it!! i'm short and my son is tall, 6'3 and we both fit very well in this car. it's roomy and drives smoothly. i love how quickly the air conditioner cools the car, love the seating & mirror adjustments. and love all the compartments and cup holders available. it picks up speed and drives better than my last car which had a bigger engine. thank you dodge for all the room in my new car.

2009 Dodge Caliber

Judge For Yourself

May 03, 2009

I love this car and I am so happy that I didn't listen to the "expert" reviews and opinions on it. I went from a V6 Ford Fusion to the Caliber and guess what? No significant difference in acceleration rates! My little "bratmobile" - as my daughter calls it - keeps up with the best of them! The car looks good, is roomy, has all the conveniences of a more expensive car (heated seats, audio controls on the steering wheel, iPod interface, side curtain airbags - even a drivers side knee airbag!) and more (liftgate speakers, "cooler", sunroof, 9 Boston Acoustic speaker system, Sirius radio) and cost a whole lot less to buy and put gas in! I'm getting 22mpg in the city. Did I mention it's got a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty as well as a 5-Star Crash Test Rating? Take the car for a test drive; you will be surprised at what you find. Don't listen to other people's opinions. One older gentleman told me the car was a piece of cr*p and not to waste my money. He said he bought one and returned it. I guess his other car was a BMW, Benz or Jaguar and the Caliber just didn't measure up. For me, the Caliber is everything I wanted in a car at the right price!

2009 Dodge Caliber SXT4dr Front-wheel Drive Hatchback

Review of 2009 Dodge Caliber

Mar 19, 2009

I had a 1996 Dodge Intrepid before this car and had great luck with it. So I stayed with Dodge and I am very happy I did. The Dodge Caliber is just a great car. Plenty of room for everyone. With the rear seats down, you can haul alot of stuff. I like the style of the car also. It looks so sleak and clean. It has alot of zip and I can merge right into traffic with ease. I have had the car for three months and all city driving. The mpg is 22 so far. I'am very happy with my purchase.

2009 Dodge Caliber

Review of 2009 Dodge Caliber

Mar 01, 2009

2009 Dodge Caliber SXT4dr Front-wheel Drive Hatchback

Loving This Roomy Little Car!

Feb 17, 2009

I have owned this car for about a month now, and I am just loving it. My previous car was the Dodge Durango (Hemi) and I stayed in the Dodge family, not only because of the current incentives for previous owners, but also because I just have had great luck with my Dodge purchases (This is my 4th one!). The 2009 Caliber, much to my surprise, is a roomy, well built, loaded with options, enjoyable driving compact car. It is so much fun to drive and I am very pleased, as always, with my Dodge.

2009 Dodge Caliber SXT4dr Front-wheel Drive Hatchback

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