2009 Chrysler Town & Country Reviews

4 out of 5

Review of 2009 Chrysler Town & Country

Dec 29, 2010

This car is the best that we've ever had. Recalls were minimum. Great to drve. Comfortable. All systems seem to work perfectly. Gas mileage could be a little better, ******* not bad considering all in all.This is the third Town and Country we've had. Like it the best.

2009 Chrysler Town & Country Touring__Front_wheel_Drive_LWB_Passenger_Van

Review of 2009 Chrysler Town & Country

Jun 10, 2010

We love our mini van It is less than a year old and we have almost 25,000 miles. It is the best in comfort and drivability. We would not trade it for anything out there. The guy out there saying " Bring back theAstro Van " is upset because he apparently has issues with the chrysler 2009 mini van. I suggest you take it to the dealer. you have a warranty on engine and trans for the life of your vehicle 100,000 miles. If you are having so much trouble with it take it to another dealer. PS there is a LEMON Law. I suggest you talk with your dealer If you get no response go on line and talk with the VP in mini van platform at the head quarters in michigan. I guarantee , they will help you...

2009 Chrysler Town & Country TouringFront-wheel Drive LWB Passenger Van

Review of 2009 Chrysler Town & Country

Sep 08, 2009

We have had Chrysler vans since the first extended one in 1987. With each one we have said that they couldn't possibly improve on them, but each time they have. We had over 130000 miles and 11 years on the 87 when it was damaged by someone trying to steal it. The next three vans we leased and hated to give up when we had to turn them in. We just bought an 09 and gues ********** the best one yet. The ease of the comfortable seats, the back windows opening and the new storage area on the passenger side are just a few of the improvements we didn't realize we wanted until we got them. My kids are grown and I don't need some of the new features, but I cannot imagine dragging around all the necessary items for kids without a Chrysler van. None of the SUVs consider how hard that is. We keep saying we don't really need one and then we can't find anything we like better. Keep it up Chrysler engineers(I'll bet there are quite a few women in your ranks, you understand a family's problems.)

2009 Chrysler Town & Country TouringFront-wheel Drive LWB Passenger Van

Very very nice. :)

Apr 30, 2009

Just bought the 09 25th ANN touring edition. Not even 400 miles on it and it has more, does more with a 30 gig computor than anything I have ever seen. If you drive one & not comfortable in it, then you do not know how to use the seat selectors yet. I got the 100K package on everything to include electronics for 31K. Cadillac has alot of catching up to do when it comes to Comfort & Options.

2009 Chrysler Town & Country TouringFront-wheel Drive LWB Passenger Van

2008 Town & Country Junk

Apr 02, 2009

We purchaed a 2008 Town & Country and it has turned out to be the worst mini van we have ever owned. At 4000 mi. we had to have transmission work done. At 16,000 mi. the shocks and tie bars had to be replaced. There have also been other minor problems. This is the first Chrysler vehicle we have purchased and will definitely be the last. Please GM bring back the Astro van.

2009 Chrysler Town & Country TouringFront-wheel Drive LWB Passenger Van

Perfect Mini Van!

Jan 01, 2009

We own a brand new 2009 town and country, and I have to say its the best mini van on the market. The current incentives and financing make it even more perfect. The mpg is better then advertised, with me getting 30 highway with this! (I only calculated it once, so it might be higher next time) My friends mother owns a 2008 town and country and loves hers also. She has about 50,000 miles on it, with 0 problems! Definitely recommended to those who want a mini van, and a dependable vehicle.

2009 Chrysler Town & Country LX Front-wheel Drive LWB Passenger Van

Review of 2009 Chrysler Town & Country

Nov 25, 2008

2009 Chrysler Town & Country Limited Front-wheel Drive LWB Passenger Van

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