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3 out of 5

2009 RDX

Sep 25, 2009

I have owned 5 Acuras and I liked them all. The 2009 RDX is a great compact SUV. I am 6'0, 200+ lbs. and have no problem in the driver's seat. The ride, handling, and acceleration are great. It is a lot of fun to drive and the Nav system is great.

2009 Acura RDX Base4dr All-wheel Drive

Review of 2009 Acura RDX

Jun 06, 2009

I bought ths RDX when it first came ********* a great little car. See the word little. I m 5'3 and have no kids, no husband and 2 dogs so its perfect for me. The pickup is great, I can't live without the navigation! The passenger front side is not power, which was annoying for the price I paid. I have numerous electrical problems, Acura can't figure it out. They fix it - it works for 1 week - it breaks. The electrcal problems only occur in snow and rain! odd. They can't fix it unless they see it happen. SO ANNOYING! It rarely happens when they are open, of course! I wish there were more options then leather seats, My dogs ruin it and they are tiny dogs! The paint rusted on the door - I only have 15k miles on this car! I have owned an acura before and never had problems. This car is just a nightmare for me sometimes and a joy other times. The electrical issue - the car locks me in and theres NO way out! You cant even manually force the locks open! If im shopping and its raining - ILl get locked OUT of my car and NO way in! Its not a nice thing to see a grown women cry. ITs a cool car with nice technology features but then again so do many other lower priced cars! I wish i could get rid of mine!

2009 Acura RDX Base4dr All-wheel Drive

Not worth the Money

Mar 01, 2009

Bought the '09 RDX with Nav. Don't waste your money on the Nav, the system is very clumsy to use. The voice activated features are terrible, I spend a lot of time screaming voice commands that do not actually work. Mileage is so-so. Seats are fairly comfortable, but I am 5'10", and the leg room is somewhat cramped. It does have good pickup, and the heated seats in the winter are great. This is my first Acura, and it probably will be my last. For what I spent on this car, I would have done better with a Murano or Lexus.

2009 Acura RDX Base4dr All-wheel Drive

Review of 2009 Acura RDX

Nov 30, 2008

dont beleive other review this car has met or exceeded our expectations. traded in our mdx and we're very happy with the car. styling could be better and more distinctive

2009 Acura RDX Base 4dr All-wheel Drive

Review of 2009 Acura RDX

Nov 20, 2008

2009 Acura RDX

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