Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Porsche Cayman

  • Since confidence is all about control, the steering wheel connects you to the Cayman's nerve ends in a way not even the brisk throttle, the rivetting brakes or the telepathic transmission can match.

    - CAR
  • This is the sort of car that you wear like a tailored suit. The driver's seat envelops you, the steering wheel, pedals and shifter are placed where you expect to find them, and the car feeds back marvelous tactile sensations that are rare and special in the driving experience.

  • Brakes are a confidence booster, as they respond quickly without being grabby and have a firm, solid feel underfoot.

  • The large hatch gives access to a luggage compartment exactly twice the size of the Boxster's, and when complemented by the front locker, makes for more-than-generous space in a 2-passenger car.

    - Road & Track

What reviewers liked least about the Porsche Cayman

  • We're smitten with the Cayman's ability to deliver driving pleasure; you can't buy more fun anywhere else.

    - Car and Driver

Porsche Cayman Comparisons

  • There are plenty of sports cars, such as the BMW Z4 coupe, Chevrolet Corvette and Nissan 350Z, that can produce similar or even more impressive test track data for less money.


Best one-liner about the Porsche Cayman

  • I would really think twice about buying a 911.

    - CAR

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