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4 out of 5

2008 G6 Sedan 3.5L V6

Apr 22, 2011

Whoever wrote the review about how this car slides in the rain must have been drunk when they were driving or writing the review. I have owned two of these cars (06 and 08) and they are the two best cars I have ever driven in inclement weather. I have never slid on ice, snow, or rain and I live in Northwest Indiana so I experience a lot of it. Engine is smooth, excellent transmission, comfortable seats, world class brakes, and plenty of other features. I would definitely (and actually have) recommend this car to a friend, or anybody looking for an excellent value considering these cars are surprisingly under priced.

2008 Pontiac G6 Base__4dr_Sedan

Review of 2008 Pontiac G6

Apr 03, 2010

I love the look of the G6. Mine came with car phone for a year which was fun. It is difficult to check your blind spot or back up if you are 5'4" or shorter. Although I like how the car drives in good weather, this vehicle hydroplanes when it is raining. And driving in the snow is a test of nerves because there is NO traction. There is a traction control button you can push, or you can let the car automatically use traction control when needed, but I found it best to take the traction control off completely.Overall a great car if you live in a warm climate, but think twice if you live in an area where it snows.

2008 Pontiac G6 Base4dr Sedan

Review of 2008 Pontiac G6

Jun 09, 2009

2008 Pontiac G6

Corners like on Rails!

Dec 12, 2008

I love my new Pontiac G6 Sedan I never thought a 4 cylinder would have some much power behind it. Also my husband is a big guy 6'2 and we both fit comfortably with tons of extra head room and shoulder space. The other good thing about this car is that it does not have hub caps. Its just one entire rim. The last car I drove was missing one so at least that won't happen this time.

2008 Pontiac G6 Base 4dr Sedan

Great Car

Dec 06, 2008

I just purchased the 2008 G6 GXP. in November of 2007. The care has the body kit that comes with hood scoops, spoilers and a larger front grill. The engine has ample power with plenty of acceleration. The 6 speed auto trans is smooth and quiet. This car handles well and looks awesome. The monsoon stereo system is ok but not the best sounding system out there. The interior plastics are a bit cheap and the rear of the drivers seat is already broken off without any reason. This car gets looks and comments wherever we go. I am not too tall (under 5'8) but still find that getting in and out can be a squeeze. Once you sit down in the leather seats, you feel safe and comfortable. The car gives me 17 mpg with city/highway combined driving. Great car with just a few complaints. Great price for a sporty, sexy and very cool ride.

2008 Pontiac G6 GXP - Discontinued 12/05/08 4dr Sedan

I Love my G6 Sedan!

Oct 07, 2008

I traded in my "06" Sonata for my "08" G6 Sedan. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Even though the Sonata was bigger, the G6 still has plenty of room for my 6'3 husband in the back seat. The stereo is great, I love how it handles. The onstar feature is an added plus. Nice interior & comfortable.

2008 Pontiac G6 GXP 4dr Sedan

Stylish Hardtop Convertible!

Sep 13, 2008

Purchased my 2008 G6 GT convertible on the "You Pay what We Pay" pricing promotion. My car is light silver metallic with the dark cloth seats, four-way power driver seat, 3.5L V-6 engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, and fully automatic convertible top. We have used the car for trips around town and a long distance highway trip. Interior noise level is very low, both with top up and even with top down. I have always owned a convertible and the visibility in this car is excellent with top up or down (for a convertible). Trunk space is good with top up, but shrinks to tiny when the top is down. My car included XM radio with built-in driver information center, and ONSTAR. Beautiful car. Fun to drive.

2008 Pontiac G6 GT 2dr Convertible

Review of 2008 Pontiac G6

Sep 07, 2008

I purchased the 2008 GXP in April 2008.The car handles very well, It is an awesome car. very sporty, comfortable,

2008 Pontiac G6 GXP 4dr Sedan

Pontiac G-6 Convertible

Jul 04, 2008

When we drove off in our new G-6 convertible I was scared sick as we drove off, leaveing our comfy Denali behind, that this car could never live up to my needs as I have a severe spinal injury. WOW, WAS I wrong. The ride is very good. It is a sporty car and I won't say it takes the country bumpy roads as well as the Denali but it has a beautiful ride city and highway. The support areas of the seat are well positioned, supporting my back perfectly. The seat bottoms extend well under the knee area, again giving perfect support. The steering is very responsive yet easy to drive. This car is sporty, powerful and so much fun to drive. We had considered a Malibu but the back seat was very uncomfortable. All seats in the G6 are well cushioned, provide support where needed and have more than adequate room. For a sporty car the G6 feels much roomier than others we test drove.

2008 Pontiac G6 GT 2dr Convertible

Review of 2008 Pontiac G6

May 11, 2008

2008 Pontiac G6

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