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4 out of 5

My American Dream

Oct 03, 2011

I purchased a brand new 2008 V6 Mustang on Jan. 06, 2008. It was beautiful, I love the "muscle" cars, love my mustang, had a V8 prior to this one. Within 11 months of owning my brand new V6, I had to replace the battery. A year after that, I had to replace the thermostat. 5 months after that I had to replace the thermostat housing unit! REALLY?!!!!. Needless to say, my american dream was leaving a very bad taste in my mouth, but I continued forward. Then in May 2011, just 2 months after replacing the thermostat housing unit, my transmission went bye bye!!!! Are you kidding me? So, I talked with my service advisor, his supervisor, the manager at the dealership, Ford Customer Service and guess what?........ There's nothing they can do to help me with the repairs! I asked them to please check out the plant my vehicle came out of just in case there was some other vehicles with the same issue.....NO, just mine. I said this is NOT normal for a 3 year old car, but after 3 purchases, excellent payments, they still won't help me. Even after my husband told me NOT to buy a Ford, I did it anyway. They claim to be american made, well when did Japan become American? A few of the Fusions have transmissions build in Japan, HHHMMMMM, I wonder why? Oh maybe because they last longer? So Team Ford of Marietta, thanks for the piece of .... and for not helping me! Found On Road Dead, Fix Or Repair Daily. My husband and my father warned me about Ford and now my american dream is sitting in my driveway.....funny even though I start it up weekly to make sure it doesn't just sit there, today it wouldn't start!!!!! Big surprise!!!Didn't my tax dollars bail you guys out? Where's my bailout? I offered to pay labor if Ford purchases/replaces transmission. They STILL won't help! Hope you crooks sleep well and have a beautiful life knowing what you did to a person who was nothing but loyal to the American Company!!! LOL on American.

2008 Ford Mustang V6_Deluxe__2dr_Coupe

2008 mustang v6

Jun 10, 2011

poor mpg poor handling

2008 Ford Mustang V6_Deluxe__2dr_Coupe

Used Mustang

Apr 03, 2011

Before purchasing a used mustang, ask for the used car history. This will give you a insight on its past and current condition. Then you will be in a better position to decide if you want to purchase it or not, thus, getting value for your money in the long run. But the mustang is sight to behold. For more details visit:- http://www.autopitch.com/blog/

2008 Ford Mustang V6_Deluxe__2dr_Coupe


Feb 26, 2011

The best car i have ever owned...

2008 Ford Mustang V6_Deluxe__2dr_Convertible

2008 Mustang GT Premium

Dec 02, 2009

Bought the car new in 08. Have a little over 30,000 miles on the spedo. The car has a lot of bang for the buck. I am usually easy on the throttle so I have gotten as high as 28 on the road and 27 back and forth to work. In the winter she drops a bit. She handles plenty good and has shown great stopping ability as well. The instrument cluster is well thought out. I could do without the hoodscoop. Everything else is just about where it needs to be and didn't take much to get used to. The engine is very smooth at idle and makes smooth and predictable power to redline. I have the automatic and am very happy with the way it acts. The shaker 1000 is a bit much for a 57 year old but every once in a while I will crank it up. One thing with the shaker. It has shook the side marker light out of it's socket more than once. I was a little let down that the driver info center didn't have more info like outside air temp. I have had that in other vehicles and miss it. The car makes a slight whine under light throttle at around 50 to 70 mph. It also makes a weezing noise when it is cold. In the past if I drove a car enough I could wear it. You "Drivers" know what I mean. This is where you find it's limits (particularly handling) and feel very confident taking it there and can do it time and time again. There is no way I will ever wear this car. It's handling capibilities are beyond my compfort range. It's nice to know it's there when needed. For those that haven't ever owned a Mustang GT, be careful, it's not the cat's meow of a sports oriented car, for that you will pay much more. The car has enough to get you in plenty of unwanted trouble. Be careful and enjoy. You will be rewarded with years of fun and reliabiltiy.

2008 Ford Mustang GT Premium2dr Coupe

American machinery ******* finest

Mar 26, 2009

The 'Stang is back! Excellent car, gets lots of looks. Better than the Japanese crap that has infiltrated the USA. Worth every penny.

2008 Ford Mustang V6 Premium2dr Coupe

Review of 2008 Ford Mustang

Mar 05, 2009

2008 Ford Mustang GT Premium2dr Convertible

Looks Great

Nov 27, 2008

had the car sense April runs and looks great a weekend fun driver and it has filled all and more of my expectations

2008 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe 2dr Convertible

2008 Mustang V6 Premium Convertible

Nov 27, 2008

I recently purchased a 2008 Mustang and love it. The road noise is a bit more than some (could be the tires) and the plastics are cheaper looking but overall the ride (somewhat sporty), mileage, and handling are good. The leather interior and shaker stereo help and the looks are great (good job Ford). It is a solidly built car with a stiff enough chassis to support a convertible. Overall the package is well rounded and the solid rear end is done correctly and rides/handles well. For the money it is a tough act to follow for anyone. Two thumbs up!

2008 Ford Mustang V6 Premium 2dr Convertible

Very fun to drive!!!

Nov 23, 2008

I just purchased this car only a few days ago and so far I'm loving it. Even though it is the deluxe V6 it still has plenty of power to put down, everytime I floor it the tires squealed for a good three to four seconds and that with the traction control on, but turn off the traction control and you could easily leave your mark behind for a good fifteen feet. But if you just drive it normal the suspension feels firm but yet smooth. So overall I feel I made a good decision.

2008 Ford Mustang V6 Deluxe 2dr Coupe

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