2008 Chrysler 300

(31 Reviews)


2008 Chrysler 300 Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Chrysler 300

  • The Chrysler 300's styling is distinctive, and its interior is roomy, efficient and stylish.

    - New Car Test Drive
  • Traction control, electronic stability programs, anti-lock brakes, and electronic brake distribution all improve the driver's ability to control the car.

    - New Car Test Drive
  • It's a chassis without any discernible faults; the suspension is simply tuned more toward everyday driving than the sport end of the spectrum.

    - Road & Track
  • Gauges are clean and simple, with Elgin watch-style faces...control stalks by the wheel have a high-quality Mercedes feel, as does the shift lever with its chrome center section.

    - Road & Track

What reviewers liked least about the Chrysler 300

  • Saddled with a small V6, the base model feels sluggish, and we wouldn't recommend it to most buyers.

    - Edmunds.com
  • An economist would tell you all that value had to be extracted somewhere, but with the 300 there are only a few obvious corners cut. One place is the transmission, which is essentially a standard pattern automatic without any sport mode or slap-shifter gate. The other omission is the lack of wood trim in the interior, which is nevertheless quite elegant in a simple, understated way and - except for a slightly cheap-looking silver steering wheel finish - largely meets Chrysler's design brief for "understated opulence."

    - Road & Track

Best one-liner about the Chrysler 300

  • Not especially sporty, the car offers value of a different sort.

    - Road & Track

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