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2007 Toyota Corolla Reviews

5 out of 5

Will not buy any other car

Jul 29, 2010

I have had Corolla,s since 1991, all went over 200,000 miles.They are quick, great on gas, comfy. What changed my mind to switch to Toyota, we used to own Ford,s. Always in the shop. When I got my first Corolla, my mechanic cried, he said there goes my sons college fund. Even my parents, my brother made the switch. We are all happy and not spending day,s off in the repair shop. Frank

2007 Toyota Corolla LE4dr Sedan

Review of 2007 Toyota Corolla

Nov 24, 2009

I am a college Student. I commute alot to get home... around 50 miles or so. My car is an 07 toyota corolla S stick. Best investment I have ever made. in 30% city and 70% highway I usually get 33 MPG... solely freeway I get 40. I change the oil AND filter every 3000 miles and use only synthetic oil. Its a fun car to customize. Sure people may laugh at you for driving a corolla. However, if you take a look at the safety features, the MPG the fairly sporty design of the S model along with its high resale value, you will have the last laugh my friend. My parents got this for me cus it was a 4 cylinder engine that was sporty (which I wanted a sporty car!), and I fell in love with this car. Oh, and insurance is only 50 bucks a month! for a 20 Year Old male driver! Standard is the way to go. No problems so far. This is the smart choice to make. If you take care of the car, the car will take care if you. So what is its not domestic? Toyota is king of the 4 cylinder and at times with gass high, its a SMART choice. I fill up once a week and I put in 15 bucks of gas. the S is the best by far! Lots of ways to style! Best car I have ever had

2007 Toyota Corolla S4dr Sedan

Review of 2007 Toyota Corolla

Aug 04, 2009

I bought my Corolla new in 2007. I had always owned American cars. I would never buy another American car. The Corolla has been a dream. Great mileage, comfort, feeling secure, and it is extremely reliable. My mechanic loves the car as the engine is easy to work upon. He stated with regular maintanence and oil changes , the car will last a very long time. And what more could one ask for in a car. If you want a sports car, then buy a sports car. There is no pretense with the Corolla. It is just a very wonderful automobile. Handles very well in snow and ice, and other inclement weather.

2007 Toyota Corolla LE4dr Sedan

Review of 2007 Toyota Corolla

May 01, 2009

2007 Toyota Corolla

Review of 2007 Toyota Corolla

Apr 29, 2009

I bought this Corolla after only owning trucks for many years. I'm amazed at how nice the control is. I now wonder why it took me so long to buy this car. I would recommend the Corolla to anyone wanting a small car that has great gas mileage. Before buying, look around and you will see so many Corollas on the road. They sure are a nice looking car!

2007 Toyota Corolla

Review of 2007 Toyota Corolla

Aug 13, 2008

This car is wonderful! We have had it 13 months and already have 21,000 miles on it. We average 31 mpg in the city and 38-40 mpg on the highway. It has great pickup for those times you need to pull out into traffic quickly. The CD radio package is fabulous. I can't think of one thing we would change.

2007 Toyota Corolla LE 4dr Sedan

Great little car

Nov 04, 2007

My 2001 Corolla LE has over 217,000 miles on it, with no more than regular maintenance required. This is a great little car! It is comfortable enough for a 4 or 5 hour trip,gets incredible gas mileage, and is small enough to fit into any available parking space. Sometime after I roll 300,000 miles I will definately buy another one.

2007 Toyota Corolla 4dr Sedan LE

No better car than a Toyota Corolla

Oct 02, 2007

This is my second Toyota Corolla. I purchased my first from a friend and when I wanted to get a new car, I only looked at Corollas based on their dependability. I love my S series....so sporty looking! I sold my old one to a friend with 3 kids because I KNEW it would be dependable for her as long as she continues to take good care of it like we did. It has about 300K miles on it and the dealership said this guy had one that had almost 500K on his til someone totaled it for him. Needless to say, he wasn't happy! I travel to work so I need something with good gas mileage, comfortable (because I drive over an hour each way) and definitely dependable. Corolla is synonymous with all of these features.

2007 Toyota Corolla 4dr Sedan S

Love My Toyota

Sep 18, 2007

I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla and I would not trade in for nothing. I Love MY Toyota

2007 Toyota Corolla 4dr Sedan LE

Love my 2007 CorollaS

Sep 10, 2007

I have owned many new cars but must say that I am in love with my Corolla. The comfort of this car surprised me when I first purchased it. Hats off to Toyota for keeping quality and workmanship in such an affordable product.

2007 Toyota Corolla 4dr Sedan S

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