3.5 SL 4dr Sedan
2007 Nissan Maxima Reviews

4 out of 5

Nissan Maxima

Jan 05, 2010

Great quality car. Smooth but quick on the pick up and ride still very comfortable. Never had a problem. I've decided to keep this car even after its all paid off.

2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE4dr Sedan

2007 Nissan Maxima

Apr 21, 2009

Love it, Luv It, love it. I have a SL and it is the best car I have ever had. Fast and first class. Norman from Glanside Pa

2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL4dr Sedan

Review of 2007 Nissan Maxima

Mar 19, 2009

2007 Nissan Maxima

Great Car!!

Aug 02, 2008

I would not trade my charcoal gray Maxima for any other car or truck. She's beautiful with great styling, comfortable roomy interior, huge trunk, ice cold air cond., a solid drive, air tight cab, no rattles or bumbs, and enjoyable to drive. When looking at a Maxima it just symbolizes top of the line. Someone else thought she was valuable and tried to steal her a couple of months after I bought her... but the alarm leapt into action and scared them off.....we have named her "Maxine".

2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE 4dr Sedan


Jun 25, 2008

I love my 07 MAXIMA is the best car made by NISSAN so fast

2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE 4dr Sedan

This Max is hot hot hot

Jan 22, 2008

I love my Maxima, I've had 4 others it just keeps getting better.

2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE 4dr Sedan

Review of 2007 Nissan Maxima

Dec 22, 2007

2007 Nissan Maxima


Dec 18, 2007


2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL 4dr Sedan

Review of 2007 Nissan Maxima

Dec 14, 2007

2007 Nissan Maxima


Oct 11, 2007

I love my new maxima. Love the power it gives stepping up from Honda LX so this car is awesome. Just wish I would have been able to get the luxury model fully loaded. Hope to upgrade soon.

2007 Nissan Maxima 4dr Sedan 3.5 SE

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