2007 Maybach 57
$335,500 - $375,000

Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Maybach 57

  • Virtually every reasonably conceivable luxury is part of the Maybach package. The leather on the seats must come from cows that spent their lives in a spa; the wood veneers decorating the interior seem to come from an enchanted forest; the chrome pieces have the luster of surgical instruments; and all the technology aboard works with serene confidence.

    - Edmunds.com

What reviewers liked least about the Maybach 57

  • But despite the 2007 Maybach 57 and 57 S being among the most lavish and expensive production cars ever built, they don't really look it. The styling is conservative and in the style of late-'90s Mercedes-Benz models.

    - Edmunds.com

Best one-liner about the Maybach 57

  • These are cars built to deliver diplomats to a meeting of the World Bank, not set a low lap time at the N�rburgring.

    - Edmunds.com

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