2007 Honda Civic Reviews

4 out of 5


Sep 23, 2016

bought it new, it's ok but really no better than any other car in its segment, and people have left notes on my windshield saying I have an ugly car, I tend to agree

2007 Honda Civic

Nice overall car

May 20, 2014

Great car

2007 Honda Civic

Review of 2007 Honda Civic

Sep 16, 2010

2007 Honda Civic

Review of 2007 Honda Civic

Mar 04, 2010

I never thought I'd buy a Honda but I did-in 2007 I bought the Civic SI. I couldn't be more happy with it. One day I was stopped at a ************ behind an old station wagon-while waiting for the lite to change I ******* from the rear by an old Oldsmobile. I pictured my trunk inside my rear seat! Well NOTHING! The damn car held up beautifully. I was amazed how sturdy this small car was. I want to give this car to my nephew when he's ready for it because I do know how safe it is. GO HONDA! My only complaint-I wanted leather heated seats!

2007 Honda Civic Si4dr Sedan

Never again

Jun 23, 2009

i will never own a honda again i had a 2006 honda accord brand new to this thing had so many problems after 50000 miles i got it rid of it i'm driving now a 1970 ford LTD it has 200000 miles and it runs better than any car i have ever drivin you got to love america

2007 Honda Civic

Honda Civic EX Coupe

May 17, 2009

After 10 years of VWs, I'm back to Honda for the reliability and gas mileage on regular gas. VWs would be great cars if it weren't for the reliability problems and the majority of their cars take premium gas. I told the salesman at Honda, it would be great if they could put the desirable VW interiors in the Honda! I did love driving the VW when it wasn't in the shop and will miss it. All my previous (three)Hondas never had a problem and only went in for regular maintenance. This Honda Civic EX is no exception, I have had no mechanical or electrical problems and the sunroof doesn't rattle like two my VWs! I get between 28 and 36 mpg on regular gas, depending on how I shift the transmission. I was surprised to find out the oil wt. recommended is 5w-20w. This may be why some people are getting worse gas mileage, if they are putting in 5w-30w (like I almost did)or 5w-40w. The reason I'm not giving 5 stars is the tires sold on this car SUCK. It comes with either Bridgestone or Goodyear tires both models of these tires are a safety problem in rain or snow. The car slips when it is raining, I replaced the tires before the Chicago winter hit and it is much better. The tires may be okay in the warmer climates that don't see snow or much rain...but, anywhere else they are a hazard. Now, I will be looking at the model and brand of tires sold with any new car. Overall, the Honda Civic is what I was looking for in reliability and gas mileage on regular gas. The Honda Civic Si would have been a more fun car, but I thought it takes mandatory premium gas and has the larger wheels/tires that tend to get messed-up on the pothole landscape we call Chicago! The other car I was looking at was the Toyota Matrix, but the base car(4-cylinder) that got good gas mileage didn't have electric windows. I gotten used to not cranking the windows down manually...

2007 Honda Civic EX2dr Coupe

Civic is defective

May 12, 2009

I bought this car new and the car has a design flaw in the rear suspension and the tires prematurely wear out. Honda knows of the problem and has a service bulletin on it and expects the consumer to pay for new tires. My car has only 20,000 miles and the rear tires are bald. I called Honda and they said they don't warrant tires but will fix the suspension for free. There's thousands of complaints on this issue and Honda is ignoring it. Well I will never buy another Honda again. If this had been a Toyota they would have had a recall by now!

2007 Honda Civic EX4dr Sedan

My Civic Si

Apr 13, 2009

Let me just start off by saying this is the most fun vehicle i have ever driven. It is very quick, has no lack of power, and it gets good gas mileage as well, 32-34 hwy. Its pretty comfy inside but the seats need more controls for lumbar, etc.... Besides that the interior is very nice and sophisticated. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a reliable gas saving sports car.

2007 Honda Civic Si2dr Coupe

My FIRST Honda

Apr 04, 2009

I decided to go Honda after being a Chevy gal for most my life....I love it......I got the manual transmission as I tried the automatic and found it had no pep approaching a highway.....and I love the sport of a 5pd. I got the black which is sleek and an eyecatcher. I will say I gave it almost all a solid 5 but one drawback..I am 5'1 and I find that the seatbelt which I always wear, is up too high on my neck and I have to keep pulling it down. Its very annoying. Otherwise you cannot beat it...as a matter of fact, I will be trading it in mid summer for a newer version and possibly the EX.....I want a moon roof! yOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED IN BUYING THIS FINE IMPORT!

2007 Honda Civic LX2dr Coupe

Big Mistake way too small

Mar 30, 2009

Buyer's regrets on this one. While the fuel economy is good, I could get just about the same on a bigger car that is a lot more roomier and feels safer like a Malibu or Fusion. Also, forget about trying to fit anything in the trunk!! A lot of better choices for about the same money.

2007 Honda Civic EX4dr Sedan

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