2007 Honda CR-V Reviews

4 out of 5

2007 CRV is a lemon

Jul 05, 2016

Bought new in January 2007. Terrible gas mileage. Never came close to published numbers. Eats tires. Plan to replace every 20-30,000 miles. Took the AWD because it was available, and it sucks. Every 15,000 miles you have to (Are you ready?) change the rear differential fluid. No, I am not kidding. Ride is poor. Noise is high. Wish we had bought a Highlander.

2007 Honda CR-V

Very sturdy vehicle

Sep 20, 2013

My father gifted me the vehicle in 2007 and fulfilled my dream of driving a driving a superb SUV. Honda cars are known for their long life engines and stability. I still drive it and I love it all the more.

2007 Honda CR-V LX__4x4

2007 Honda CR-V EXL Door Lock Problems

Jun 23, 2011

I like my CR-V very much. However, I have had 3 doorlock problems. The first problem was an inoperatve Right Rear Door Lock replaced free under warranty. the second was an inoperative Left Rear Door Lock which was replaced at a cost of $250.00. The third was an inoperative Drivers Side Door which was replaced at a cost of $350.00. Honda America in CA claims I"m the only to have these problems. I find this hard to believe. Is it true? My CR-V has 41,000 miles to date.

2007 Honda CR-V EX_L__4x4

Review of 2007 Honda CR-V

Jan 19, 2010

In a very short amount of time I came to the realization that the car had poor workmanship and a mpg lower than the neighbors Chevy Tahoe. Many problems and will go back to GM and keep the money in the US.

2007 Honda CR-V

Disappointed, better choices out there.

Jan 17, 2010

Disappointed! Mileage is dismal even though I drive like an old lady, very conservative on the gas pedal. The ride is not very smooth, feels like an economy vehicle and not like the other H SUV I drove and but decided on Honda for the prestige. AC went out at 55K, on my 2nd set of tires, road noise is annoying and really wish I gotten a better equipped one. Too hot in the summer. I am trading it in later this year for the Hyundai Tucson, which gets better mileage (the 2010 that is out now is 31 on freeway but, am waiting for the Blue Edition, with turbo charged engine and even better mileage) and has more horsepower as well as much more refinement and much quieter ride as well as smoother. Honda steering is better but that is all I can say for the CRV. Don't let prestige fool you, I could kick myself in the butt. *wish I had not driven the new Hyundai as I can't wait to get it! I did like the Subaru and Toy Rav as well and think they also would have been better choices. BMW X3 great engine response but thought the Hyundai nicer interior as well as being bigger.

2007 Honda CR-V LXFront-wheel Drive

Don't Buy It

Dec 01, 2009

Paint: Small rust bubbles appearing from underneath the paint on the rear liftgate within three months of purchase. Resolution: Honda replaced the tailgate and paid for installation and painting at the dealer's recommended body shop. December 2009: More rust bubbles. Honda says it's not their problem. I'm now spending $400 a month for a car that will likely have significant rust within the next few years. If you're considering buying a 2009? 1. be sure to look up premature tire wear on factory tires--TERRIBLE tires--lots of noise, poor performance. My new Bridgestone's made a huge difference in noise and quality of ride. 2. research problems with the rear differntial--wish I had!--dealer claims maintenance every 15-20K miles is standard--can't find this in the owners manual though! 3. don't believe the gas mileage--lousy. Great space, great size and some nice features--just a poor quality vehicle and poor manufacturer support.

2007 Honda CR-V EX-L4x4

Don't Buy It

Sep 16, 2009

I bought this SUV because my wife wanted it. After 30000 miles I had to buy a new set of tires. The inside door panel always squeeked and the TPS system (tire pressure) always malfunctioned. The service dept. never fixed anything. They always made an excuse that they couldn't find the problem. We barely get 22 MPG and the ride is rough with a lot of wind noise on the front windshield. My Ford Ranger Pickup gets 25 MPG!! I am VERY disappointed with Honda. After all the good things I heard about them I have come to the conclusion they are no better than a VW beetle. Take my advise don't buy one. I paid over $26,000 dollars for a piece of junk. I could have bought two cars for that much money and they probably would have been much better.

2007 Honda CR-V EX-LFront-wheel Drive

Review of 2007 Honda CR-V

Sep 13, 2009

Initially, I really loved my CRV. Since buying, I have changed jobs and now drive 3 hours a day round trip. I have found that the drivers seat is not all that comfortable because it just doesn't have the lower back support. Also, there are terrible blind spots on this vehicle. I guess that they realized that because now they have optional cameras for rear views. I have found that the engine noise is a little loud. I get, on average 27 to 29 mpg. I am seriously thinking of trading in for a Honda Fit. I still love Honda, just plan to love it in a smaller way!

2007 Honda CR-V EX4x4

2007 honda crv

Sep 06, 2009

I love my Honda!!I drive an Hour and 1/2 day and I spend only $5 per day on gas..It is so roomy too!The only thing I ******* had would be a closed in consol.

2007 Honda CR-V LXFront-wheel Drive

Review of 2007 Honda CR-V

Jun 27, 2009

I love the fog lights on my CR-V. They are of EXcellent quality.GOOD SAFETY FEATURE.I have had no NO warranty problems.If the fog lights are installed at the time of purchase they are covered by the three year warranty.

2007 Honda CR-V EX-L4x4

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