2007 Ford Edge Reviews

4 out of 5

Great vehicle

Jul 31, 2009

My Edge has been outstanding. It rides like a car, has good power, and handles well. I use the car for business and have high mileage in two years without a single problem. I am looking forward to the new eco boost engine on my next one.

2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus4dr Front-wheel Drive

I LOVE my Edge!

Jun 21, 2009

I bought my EDGE brand new. I got a great deal becuase it was a year old and sat on the lot. I was having trouble with my hip and my SUV was not helping the matter. The EDGE is comfortable, economical and fun to drive! This is the first vehicle I have ever owned with leather seats, I was a little worried they would be hot here in the Florida sun but they are no worse than any other material. I didn't think I would ever use the heated seats but I did and they are great!(it gets cold here in Florida too). I love my edge and my hip doesnt bother me anymore!

2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus4dr All-wheel Drive

I want another one!

Feb 20, 2009

I purchased my wife the EDGE for valentines day 2007 and we use it all the time it's better than my Caddie as far as luxury,performance, and all around wear and tear. I would or am trying to get a new one but car dealers don't want to give a decent trade-in.

2007 Ford Edge SEL4dr Front-wheel Drive

Tried them all and took the edge

Dec 29, 2008

My wife drove the Lexis, drove the toureg, BMW etc... etc... She chose the edge and we are very happy two years later and no problems.

2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus 4dr Front-wheel Drive

Give Ford Another Look

Dec 06, 2008

Excellent vehicle in all respects. Fun to drive, economical and handsome styling. My first Ford since a Mustang I had in high school. Glad I came by to American Made!!

2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus 4dr All-wheel Drive

A great car

Aug 21, 2008

This is one of the best cars I have ever owned, which includes two large Mercedes sedans. I am always being asked what the car is because they like the styling. Everyone who rides in it complements the ride and the comfort, particularly those who ride in the spacious back seat. This is a real winner.

2007 Ford Edge SE 4dr Front-wheel Drive

Review of 2007 Ford Edge

May 17, 2008

2007 Ford Edge

Love this CUV

Feb 16, 2008

2007 Ford Edge SEL 4dr Front-wheel Drive

2007 Ford Edge

Nov 04, 2007

I love my 2007 Edge.Rides great,runs great,gets good gas milage.One really bad thing is the glare from the windshield on the dashboard and even the vents and gear shift.The glare is really really bad.WHat can you do about it!!We own several fords (trucks) and my husbands 04 F150 the glare is pretty bad in it.Come on ford,Gotta fix this problem.Cant see to drive.

2007 Ford Edge

From a Fusion To the Edge

Nov 03, 2007

Had a Ford Fusion we just did not get along very good,Russ Darrow Ford in milwaukee helped me get out of it great deal I live a 100 miles from there,My Edge great crossover Took a trip 22-24 mpg highway happy with that,great ride fun to drive, Power up the Kazoo, Just wish Ford Had more goodies on a 25000 car no outside temp,compass, auto stick, better radio although it not to bad for a 4 speaker,reflections on dash from the front window,I would have bought the top of the line but I got to watch the budget,I work for a Import store so I get to drive 12000 to 75000 cars includeing Madza The XR 7 is great but high octane gas is needed,the lease was a total of 2200 more after my discounts plus 3000 less for my trade yes 3000 less,as soon as I win the Lotto I will have a SEL Plus Edge Loaded,Try it you will like it

2007 Ford Edge 4dr Front-wheel Drive SE

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