2007 Acura TSX Reviews

4 out of 5

Traded in my BMW Z4 for the TSX

Jul 15, 2010

Just traded in my '06 BMW Z4 with 56k miles for an '07 TSX with 38,100 miles. Obviously the Acura is 300 pounds heavier with 10 less horses and 2 less cylinders, but I really have no complaints. It doesn't throw your head back like the Bimmer (talking about the 4 cylinder here), but I was sick of paying $320 PER tire for run flats (no space for a spare) that only lasted 20k miles. I can buy 4 decent tires for the Acura for what I used to pay for just one Bimmer tire! It's a good looking car (especially in the pearl white), handles relatively well (bear with me, I'm coming from a two seat roadster that sat a good 5 inches lower), and has all the accoutrements the Bimmer had (sans automatic headlights and the radio artist/song display.) PS-When I went to Spain in 2005, I saw a TSX over there and they sell them under the Honda Accord badge! Thought that was a riot that we pay for the expensive brand stateside. The TSX is very similar to the Accord interior's features, as well. I test drove an '08 Accord coupe 4 cylinder and was grossly disappointed in the pickup. The V6 is more peppier. But the TSX does just fine in 4 cylinder form. I got the extended warranty and hope to enjoy many years with this car.

2007 Acura TSX Base4dr Sedan

I love my TSX!

Feb 24, 2008

2007 Acura TSX Base 4dr Sedan

Best value in its class by far!

Nov 02, 2007

Sporty luxury with style...lots of standard features you'd pay thousands for in Lexus, Infiniti, BMW and the others. Performance is great for a 4 cylinder and reliability is first rate. Interior and exterior finishes are high quality. I get compliments everywhere I go - even from valets and mechanics! I'll never drive anything else!

2007 Acura TSX 4dr Sedan Base

Way overpriced and underpowered. In other words; its a McHonda...

Nov 02, 2007

Its an Accord. Front-wheel drive. For around the same money a Subaru Legacy GT or a Mazdaspeed 6 should eat this econocar for breakfast.

2007 Acura TSX

Fabulous Five Stars

Aug 09, 2007

I LOVE this car! We have a 5 speed 2007 automatic with Navigation. It is a fast, extremely responsive little sportscar-like sedan. Plenty of room. Made tight as a drum. A little pricey, but it's worth the extra. I also own a 2004 TL. This one has all the luxuries (and more) of the TL.

2007 Acura TSX

Review of 2007 Acura TSX

Aug 06, 2007

2007 Acura TSX

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