Base 4x4 Regular Cab 110 in. WB
2006 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

3 out of 5

not happy with mine

Nov 04, 2009

truck is a money trap ihave to replce the front 4x4 axels and very poore gas milage. never buy another one

2006 Toyota Tacoma Base V64x4 Double-Cab 127.8 in. WB

Review of 2006 Toyota Tacoma

Jun 17, 2009

Drives great! But 3 out of 4 automatic door locks broke at $300 each.

2006 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner V64x2 Double-Cab 127.8 in. WB

Review of 2006 Toyota Tacoma

May 10, 2009

2006 Toyota Tacoma


Mar 04, 2009

Well its a great truck the AC is great the defroster is amazing great wipers comfortable interior. Stylish. GREAT stock sound system. my friends have spent hundreds on sound systems and mine still sounds better stock. Fast car accelerates great for a 4cyl. Good fuel economy. handles very well for a truck. Good brakes. Would love to buy new model in ten years for sure. The only thing i would change is the fact that i got a 2wd i wish i got 4wd Other then that the truck is great.

2006 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner4x2 Access Cab 127.2 in. WB

One Graet Truck

Dec 26, 2007

I've owned Fords and Chevys, This is by far the best truck I've owned

2006 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner V6 4x2 Double-Cab 140.9 in. WB

Review of 2006 Toyota Tacoma

Dec 13, 2007

2006 Toyota Tacoma Base V6 4x4 Access Cab 127.8 in. WB

My tacoma Review

Sep 16, 2007

My tacoma is a double (crew cab) is 2006 and so far has been a great truck for the use I give to , Air condition, comfort is great and the performance is awesome. I don't really care too much about the MPG because I charge every penny I spend in gas to my business and I come and go from the city to the island.

The only thing I have found to be under performance is the rear suspension If someone need the pick to put something really heavy He will find out that the truck is not really so tough for those job,I believe the truck need a couple more leafs in the support.

2006 Toyota Tacoma

Mileage - Not Great

Aug 12, 2007

Bought this truck in somewhat of a hurry after previous vehicle was totaled. Purchased Toyota based on previous good experience with other Toyota cars & trucks. Mileage is disapointing - 19 MPG and has not improved after break-in period. (I drive about 10 miles a day to/from work and about 60-120 highway miles on some weekends).

I had hoped that the vehicle (SR5 w/ No. 2 accessory package) would be equiped with such things as an under-hood light and and a low fuel warning light - its not. Radio is average.

I was not thrilled about having to pay the Southeast Toyota Premium but was stuck with it.

Deliverd with udercoating stains on fabric and rusty wheel.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be dependable in the long run and Toyota can do something about the mileage.

2006 Toyota Tacoma 4x2 Access Cab 127.2 in. WB Base

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