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5 out of 5

2006 V6 Limited with Tow Package V6

May 20, 2012

After 6 years and 65,000 miles we have had only Maintenance costs, no repairs and don't even need any brake pads. We towed a Camp Trailer over 15,000 miles and no problems. Very good power although mileage while towing drops from 25 MPG Hwy to 15 MPG which is expected because of weight and wind resistance. Urban driving has been a steady 20 MPG. We have not noticed much difference between regular and premium in MPG, but performance does drop a bit with regular. The vehicle has had a number of buzzes and rattles which was unexpected. Also in high winds the side mirrors make a rattling sound with some cross gusts. To be fair, we have had the vehicle on some very rough roads which may have contributed to the rattles. The handling and acceleration are excellent but full acceleration causes torque steer which is controllable but a bit disconcerting. The vehicle exterior and interior has stayed very new looking and has been durable. The Rav4 feels like it could easily be drivern for another 10 years. My brother liked mine so much he bought a Rav4 in 2010 and has enjoyed its practicality. He tows his 21 foot boat with it. Overall, the vehicle has been a great value and a pleasure to own.

2006 Toyota RAV4 Limited_V6__4x4

Review of 2006 Toyota RAV4

Sep 30, 2009

After 3 plus years of ownership and 37000 plus miles very satisfied with styling, handling and Toyota servicing at Hyannis MA

2006 Toyota RAV4 Limited4x4

RAV4 Holds Its Own Against 18-Wheelers

May 09, 2009

We bought our daughter the RAV4 V6 in June'06, and it is a true performer both in reliability and fuel efficiency. I've driven it with her from New Jersey to Nashville, TN, when she attends college, four times on long interstate highways in downpours, fog, and icy conditions...at night, too! We were extremely grateful for its superb engineering and ability to hold the road even when 18-wheelers surrounded us increasing the volume of water that engulfed our spirited sporty car. This is a trustworthy vehicle that costs more initially than other cars in its category, but I'd wager ********* less expensive to own in the long term. We've only kept up with the recommended maintenance and haven't had any problems. Plus, the RAV4 has the interior room to haul a huge load when the seats are down. It deserves a 5 star rating for safety and quality.

2006 Toyota RAV4 Limited V64x4


Nov 09, 2008

This is a great car. Easy to get in an out of, back seat folds down easily, great styling, nice stereo..... I like that the rear door opens sideways and not upwards so you don't have to duck down when loading and unloading. Also, the spare tire is on the outside, so if you have a flat tire, you don't have to unload your car to access the spare. I have fabric seats and wish that I had gotten leather or at least put in seat covers as the light color stains easily - my fault. I get THIRTY mpg using medium octane gas - city or highway. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

2006 Toyota RAV4 Limited Front-wheel Drive

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

Nov 09, 2008

I traded in my 2002 Rav4 for the 2006 because of two reasons - The seats lay flat and all the storage space. My only dislike is the front cup holders. I bought it right off of the car carrier. And have enjoyed every minute. In October 2007 my little Rav4 was put to the test and it did amazing. I was rear-ended on the interstate. The whole back end of the vehicle was smashed in. From the picturest people have seen of the damage they are suprised we were not more seriously injured. Like I said above she took a licking and keeps on ticking. The amount you can pack into this vehicle will suprise you. I have had it compared to Mary Poppins purse. I have put from a 100 inch counter top and cabinets to a whole nursery setup in this car. Don't ******** size fool you. It plays with the big boys.

2006 Toyota RAV4 Sport V6 Front-wheel Drive

I Still Like It

Sep 24, 2008

I have owned this car for almost 3 years. I have about 40k miles on it. It has been a wonderful car. I just drove it across country for the second time. On those trips, I get 30mpg going 75 mph with the A/C on. Around town, I get around 22 mpg if I drive mostly around town and near 25 if I do a blend of highway and town. The only things that have gone wrong are that the battery just died at 35k. It was replaced since it was under warranty. I also noticed a poping when I turned the car mostly to the left. There was a service alert and it was fixed for free. I hope this keeps working as well as it has.

2006 Toyota RAV4 Base Front-wheel Drive

Toyota RAV4 - GREAT SUV!

Jul 27, 2008

Out of the several cars I have owned, this is by far the best one. I drove a van for several years prior to owning this car. When I decided to get a smaller vehicle I first thought of the Jeep Liberty. My friend had owned one and liked it. After talking to several people someone suggested that I try the RAV4. I am very glad I listened to them. It handles well in winter, gets good gas mileage, and is a vehicle I enjoy driving. One thing I have noticed is that it does have quite a blind spot when backing. I wish that Toyota would make it standard (as I believe they offer in the Highlander) the back up camera that you can view beside the rear view mirror. I have ended up trying very hard to drive through a parking spot so I am heading out. Other than that one issue I can only say great things about this vehicle. When my lease is up I plan to get another one. If anyone reading this has had backing issues I would like to hear from you. Sue suz1130@metrocast.net

2006 Toyota RAV4 Base 4x4

Review of 2006 Toyota RAV4

May 03, 2008

2006 Toyota RAV4

Loving It!

Oct 17, 2007

I simply love it! I have no complaints. I love the way it handles; I love the way I can "pack" it. My family loves it. The one improvement I'd make to the vehicle is to make the headrest of satin material. The head rest pulls my hair one strand at a time. I've had covers made and we are now back in business.

2006 Toyota RAV4

Love my Rav-4

Oct 17, 2007

Bought one of the first of the new model types and have loved it! I am getting 24-27 MPG in commute highway driving with the standard 4 cl engine. It is a little slow accelerating but does great once on the highway. Has a lot of room in the back for loading or storage. Have just hit 30,000 miles and have had to do nothing except scheduled service. LOVE IT!!

2006 Toyota RAV4 Base Trim

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