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4 out of 5


Aug 30, 2011

Extremely overdue proven technology! I am very thankful to witness first hand the benefits of driving a Prius and able to save some serious money. My ACTUAL mpg is 47 mpg. But the mpg is just the beginning, we recently returned from Vegas to Chino, Ca using only 3 gallons of gas. We got stuck in traffic for an additional 2 hours, due to two accidents which occurred near Baker and another by the ag inspection station. Turns out while we are idle and creeping during those 2 hours, we consumed Zero gasoline since the Prius will use battery power while moving under 15 to 19 mph. So all this time we actually saved fuel as opposed to consuming fuel like a conventional vehicle. My wife was driving the car and after all these years of ownership she finally became a real fan of hybrid cars and now wants to dump her big SUV. Can't wait to trade up with the plugin hybrid!

2006 Toyota Prius Base__5dr_Sedan

2006 Toyota Prius

Sep 29, 2009

I bought my 2006 Toyota Prius mar. 31st 2006 & have 41,000 niles on it. I never kept a car longer than 2 years. I find this to be the most enjoyable car to drive. It's roomy inside & performs great on the road. love the gas millage. What more can I say? Looking foreward for my next one. I'm hooked.

2006 Toyota Prius Base5dr Sedan

Review of 2006 Toyota Prius

Aug 15, 2009

I bought my 2006 Prius in Feb, 2006. I still have it and, 46,000 miles later, still love it. I traded in my Toyota Highlander to downsize and have never been sorry, even for a minute. It has required no service what-so-ever (other than oil change) and I plan to give it to my daughter next year as her first car. Needless to say, I will immediately buy another one for myself. I can recommend this car and the Toyota company whole heartedly to anyone! Buy with confidence.

2006 Toyota Prius Base4dr Sedan

LOVE my Prius; it's the percolator : )

Mar 21, 2009

On a cross-country trip including Yellowstone and Beartooth Pass, averaged 53 mpg! This morning, pulled out of the gas station and AVERAGED 80.8 for a stretch. Love the yellow consumption graph. Dig the JBL speakers. On the obscure Old Mountain Road south of Rushmore, a mighty bison looked at my Barcelona Red and found it tempting. Hubba hubba.

2006 Toyota Prius

I love my 2006 Toyota Prius

Nov 22, 2008

I have over 109,000 miles on my white Toyota Prius and I thank God every time I get into it. Other than regular maintenance, it has needed no repairs. My experience has been that American made cars usually started to fall apart at 60,000, needing brakes, etc. Also, Toyota service is second-to-none wherever I travel from FL to NC to NJ and MA. I love my "smart key" that opens the door and runs the vehicle from inside the bottom of my pocket book! I am especially delighted with the lack of exhaust fumes and the quiet reliability of my Prius. I enjoy the "video-game" style screen that allows me to monitor my driving efficiency or shows me what's behind the car when backing. My husband is jealous and, when we can afford another, he plans to have his own. With the recent gas crises, I was able to pass up gas stations with a silent prayer of thanks! Currently I get about 47 mpg (it used to be around 50 mpg before ethanol was added to gasoline!) In figuring my savings overall with gas prices averaging $2.50 PG, mileage at 48 mpg, my gas expenses were about 1/3 of my previous vehicle (16 mpg), I have saved over $10,000 in fuel costs alone! I am so glad I discovered my Prius and look forward to getting 100 mpg on our next one. American car makers, take a lesson! END OF COMMENTS PS> I don't get the request below. I am reviewing my 2006 Prius purchased at the end of 2005

2006 Toyota Prius Base 4dr Sedan

Review of 2006 Toyota Prius

Oct 15, 2008

2006 Toyota Prius

Review of 2006 Toyota Prius

Jul 30, 2008

I bought my Prius new 2 1/2 years ago and absolutely love ********* comfortable, smooth riding, has the pick-up and speed of any other vehicle on the road. I average 50 MPG and have over 50,000 miles on it with most of those being highway miles. I can't imagine ever owning anything else. The only thing I stop at the gas station for is coffee!

2006 Toyota Prius

Great all-around car!

Dec 06, 2007

2006 Toyota Prius

Beginning and end?

Oct 17, 2007

I love my Prius, However it is impossible to tell from the inside where it begins and where it ends. Before I learned to use the rear view camera, I backed into a truck (blind spots). Later, I drove over a 4" high brick driveway border, requiring a truck lift to get me off. Both of these accidents created a very high repair cost.

However, the rest of the car makes it the best car I've ever owned. I've had several cars over the 40 years I've been driving, and this is the best I've ever owned.

Estimated mileage is a bit over-stated, but still in the high 30's to low 40's.

Will be looking forward toward to replacing it with another Prius in 3-4 years.

2006 Toyota Prius Base Trim

Review of 2006 Toyota Prius

Oct 11, 2007

purchased vehicle in florida, very displeased with dealership. car has performed excently for 34000 miles. am about to leave for florida for the winter months. have documented mileage, gas purchaces and kept track of mpg.on average 47 to 48 mpg, but have achieved 55 mpg on one trip. lots of inquieries from people in parking lots. my rear bumper reads "EAT MY VOLTS-KISS MY AMPS" am about to take out an extended warranty, pushing coverage to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

2006 Toyota Prius Base Trim

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