2006 Ford Fusion Reviews

4 out of 5

2006 Ford Fusion SEL V6

Nov 14, 2009

I bought this car in 2006 after comparing the Accord/Camry/Altima/Jetta. The Accord/Camry were thousands of dollars more for a like optioned vehicle. I chose the Fusion on style, value and driving feel. Now having owned the vehicle for 50,000 trouble free, rattle free, squeak free miles I am confident I chose the right vehicle. Would I buy another? A resounding Yes! Ford is listening to its customers. Test drive one and you will be sold. This car is as solid as the day I purchased it.

2006 Ford Fusion SEL V64dr Sedan

2010 Fusion - Not for Ohio

Feb 12, 2009

I was very much interested in the 2010 Fusion Hybrid UNTIL I contacted 3 dealers in my area (NE Ohio) and got basically got the same story from all of them. Namely that I could ORDER one (and not expect it for 8/9 months). ORDER it WITHOUT ever seeing or test driving because according to the salesman who sold me my 2006 Fusion "Ford has told us they are only sending them to dealers on the West Coast, East Coast and Texas". I'm sure it's a great car - I love my 2006. I was very interested in trading up because most of my driving is done under 45 mph so I could almost exclusively drive on the battery power and get TERRIFIC mileage. I was also interested in the IRS tax credit ($3400 if purchased by 3/31/09). I guess Ford's "better idea" doesn't include anyone in the Midwest. So much for helping the auto industry / economy if you're from anywhere other than the coasts or Texas. I can only conclude they don't really need our dollars, bail out or otherwise. Time to shop Honda and Toyota - if Ford doesn't want my $$$'s I'm sure they will.

2006 Ford Fusion SEL4dr Front-wheel Drive Sedan

great car

Jan 05, 2008

quick and a head turner with good gas mileage.

2006 Ford Fusion SEL V6 4dr Sedan


Sep 29, 2007

I love my Ford Fusion! I travel often from NY to SC and This car is the best!!!!!! I would recommend it to anyone!

2006 Ford Fusion

One of the first

Sep 28, 2007

I had gotten an '06 Fusion when it first came out in 2006. February of 2006 to be exact I loved it! It had the minor glitches that new, new, cars always have. Well regretablly, I got in to a major car accident with it on 9/11/07. The car is a total loss but it saved my life. For a front wheel drive car whose doors would not open on one side but did on the other, it has to be a hell of a product. I love it so much that I'm getting another one. Definately a great, safe buy.

2006 Ford Fusion

Absolutly the BEST

Aug 22, 2007

Best car I have ever owned in my 30+ years of driving

2006 Ford Fusion

Review of 2006 Ford Fusion

Jul 28, 2007

2006 Ford Fusion

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