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Very Satisfied

Sep 25, 2007

Have driven my ZX4 for over 18 months now. Has 26K miles. Like it very much and enjoy driving it. Getting 31/32 MPG in mixed city/road driving. Has very good handling and rider comfort--as you might expect from a German designed car. Seating is higher than some other cars in this category. Headroom is two inches more than in my wife's Cadillac. Easy to get in and out. My only complaint is that road noise is a little higher than I would like when going over rough, surface treatment type roads.

2006 Ford Focus Base Trim


Aug 29, 2007

I have enjoyed driving my Focus. It is an excellent weekend car, along with being a daily cummute car. The gas mileage is fanastic. It is very comfortable car to drive, along with being fun and sporty. There is no problem with performance on the freeways or handling on the a curvy 2 lane highway. And I can manuver into the smallest areas for parking. The cargo area is excellent for carrying just about anything. And above all sitting in the back seat you're knees are not in your mouth. It's roomy and very comfortable.

I went from an 94 Ford Bronco to a 06 Ford Focus and felt secure in doing so. I still have the Bronco, but the Focus is fun, and far better at the pump.

2006 Ford Focus Base Trim

Review of 2006 Ford Focus

Aug 19, 2007


2006 Ford Focus

Great car fo the money

Aug 01, 2007

The ST with the Mazda 2.3L engine and the 5 speed transmission give it just enough zip to be fun to drive..The ABS disc brakes are great as is the traction control..The Sony audiophile system is an awesome stero. The taut suspension helps the car handle really well and the tuned exhaust sounds great..If it was rear drive it would be a true sports sedan.

2006 Ford Focus

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