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2006 Explorer Limited

Jan 02, 2011

Purchased used on 5-07 with 25000 miles. Had to replace rear window motor twice(warrenty). Also had to get transmission "tuned" to stop rough downshifting.(warrenty Therewas a service bulletin on the problem) Car is a 292 h.p V-8, 24 valve engine with 4 wheel drive,3rd row seats and rear a/c. During Hurricane Ike I pulled a 4200 # 30 foot trailer to Jackson, Miss. at speeds of 65-70mph. Gas mileage was 7-9 mpg. In town I get 13-14mpg and 18-19 on highway at 65-70 mph. Change oil and filter at 5000 mile intervels.and rotate tires at 5000 every 5000 miles. put on new set of tires at 51000 miles. So for I am well pleased with the car.

2006 Ford Explorer Limited_4.6L__4dr_4x4

2006 Explorer

Mar 24, 2010

Had substantial transmission problems. After having the "codes " reflashed twice and the valve body replace it settled down. Traded it in on a 2008 and have had no problems.

2006 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6L4dr 4x4

2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Aug 08, 2009

Bought my 06 Explorer new. Now 37 months old w/ 64,500 miles. Been very well pleased with it's durability, reliablity, driveablity and performace. Been kept serviced at dealership every 4,500 miles. Found in doing so, on experiencing any problem, both dealership and Ford Motor Co have both been willing to help out /participate. This vehilce has served me well and almost trouble free. Had to replcae throttle body at 59K and driver side, 3rd row power- fold seat mechanism just recently. Ford Motor Co. and dealer participated over 50% in the total cost of fixing both and remain very pleased and well satisfied. Plan to keep it another 18-months to 2 years or approx 100,000 miles plus

2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L4dr 4x2

Dependable safe and powerful

Mar 29, 2009

The other reviewer had some problems w his truck. I've had only one at 35290mi so covered under warranty. The radiator needed replacing and is of bad design. Other than that this car gets a big rating from me. I get almost 18MPG combo driving mostly city. I feel safe in inclement weather with traction control and 4WD. ABS brakes good on icy roads. Seats seven and good cargo space. If I have probs in future I'll update ******** pretty good here so far. 5 stars to offset the crappy one star from other review. Otherwise lets say 4 stars in the real world.

2006 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L4dr 4x4

Review of 2006 Ford Explorer

Dec 13, 2008

engine replaced, trans valvebody replaced, ecm's reprogramed i've lost count how many times car still trys to accelerate in 2nd after a stop and bucks or slams into 1st dealer can't fix it ford gave me extended warenty because of it. moon roof drain tubes "updated" water in lap after rain, a/c blower mtr replaced shorted out, a/c temp modual replaced cant say why didnt work. not what i expected after 50 yrs of buying fords will rethink for my next car & keep my 96 Crown vic whth well over 100K & runs like a watch, 06 Explorer is very disapointing at best

2006 Ford Explorer Limited 4.6L 4dr 4x4

Review of 2006 Ford Explorer

Oct 01, 2007

2006 Ford Explorer

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