2006 BMW X5 Reviews

3 out of 5


Dec 22, 2008

BMW Financial screwed me over ROYALLY by reporting me to Equifax, Experian and Transunion for allegedly not paying on time. What a crock of BS. It was retaliatory because I MADE BMW buy-back my 2006 X5 because it was a lemon. Now, my credit thanks to BMW Financial is damaged, and BMW refuses to remove it from my credit history. It could remain on my credit for SEVEN YEARS! I would NEVER trust nor buy another BMW, and this was my second BMW. They are con artists and totally make the Mafia look like Boys Scouts. I am in the midst of suing BMW over this mess. Happy Holidays BMW. YOU SUCK!

2006 BMW X5 3.0si 4dr All-wheel Drive

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