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2005 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

3 out of 5

Review of 2005 Toyota Tacoma

May 10, 2009

2005 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota no longer seems to stand for great quality

Mar 19, 2009

Our Toyota Tacoma has been a huge disappointment. This is our 3rd Toyota and we loved the others. We will never purchase another one though due to the lack of customer service/support. As a long time Toyota customer we were hoping that when our Tacoma's air went totally out this past summer they would try to work with us. It was barely over the warranty of 360000 miles. They did not care at all. It has been in also for rust on the bumper while still under warranty and they said it wouldn't be covered. The main corporation said it should have been but the representative for our area would not approve it so it was never done. We have discouraged our coworkers and family from purchasing a Toyota as the quality and quality of customer service is no longer there.

2005 Toyota Tacoma

Review of 2005 Toyota Tacoma

Dec 13, 2007

2005 Toyota Tacoma Base V6 4x4 Double-Cab 140.9 in. WB

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