2005 Toyota RAV4
$19,050 - $20,450

Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Toyota RAV4

  • The larger dimensions allow for more passenger and cargo space--a good thing.

    - Automobile
  • ...the new four-cylinder is better than the old four in every way.

    - AutoWeek
  • The steering is especially predictable in the slushy-crunchy left lane that traffic avoids in bad weather.

    - Car and Driver
  • ...improved at every turn. It's bigger, faster, safer, smoother riding and better handling.

    - New Car Test Drive
  • Acceleration in the 4WD with automatic transmission is lively and feels almost effortless, as if the 2943-pound vehicle were featherweight.

    - New Car Test Drive

What reviewers liked least about the Toyota RAV4

  • ...if you're parked on the street [the open] rear door blocks your way to the curb.

    - Canadian Driver
  • The catch with the RAV4... is that much of what many buyers want is optional equipment, not standard.

    - New Car Test Drive

Toyota RAV4 Comparisons

  • ...only thing missing is a V6, which competitors like the Suzuki Grand Vitara, Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape offer.

    - AutoWeek
  • ...embarrassed the others [10 other small SUVs] in the beer-case haul, 29 cases with the rear seat folded...

    - Car and Driver
  • ...less station wagon-looking than the Honda CR-V or the Subaru Forester.

    - Cars Everything
  • RAV4 is as powerful as the [PT] Cruiser, felt better in corners, and probably won't look out-of-fashion as quickly.

    - USA Today

Best one-liner about the Toyota RAV4

  • Climate controls are mercifully simple. You got on, you got off, you got fan speed, you got blue for cold, red for hot; what else do you need?

    - New Car Test Drive
  • The rear storage compartment door swung open like a giant freezer door.

    - Woman Motorist

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