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Review of Honda Pilot 2004

Feb 07, 2009

My whole family drove Ford cars. All 3 of my previous cars were Ford Mustangs. Starting with the "66" Conv I restored when I was 16, right up to the "92" 5.0 coupe I sold just recently. As a mature family man I realized that the Mustang would not be a practical car for me anymore. At this time in my life I was looking to move to CT with my girlfriend and I knew the Mustang would not cut it there either. I also had this desire for an SUV, but with gas prices above the $3 range I knew that would be hard to find an economic SUV. Going the SUV route I knew I only had two choices: Honda, or Toyota. The price ranges for the Toyota 4Runners were more in my budget, but after test driving one I said forget it. The 4Runner was a hard ride. Looking at the Honda line of SUV's the Pilot was just perfect(and not just because I was an Air Force Pilot either). Wih their price range I knew I would have to go back a few more years in used models to fit my budget. So, once I had a decided on the Honda Pilot I began my 6 month quest looking at 2000-2005 models. I knew exactly what I wanted in body color and interior trim as well as options. Finally in Nov 07 I found the car. A 2004 model EXL 4x4, tan with tan leather interior...LOADED and only 39,380 miles on it. The car was in EXCELLENT condition inside and out. They were asking $19,500 for it, but talked them down to $18,000. I considered this a steal. orget that it was 3 years old. with that low mileage a Honda or any type is still brand new. I love this car will from now on drive Honda's Pilot.

2004 Honda Pilot EX-L4dr 4x4 Sport Utility

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