SXT Front-wheel Drive Passenger Van
2004 Dodge Grand Caravan Reviews

2 out of 5

Couldn't pay me to take another one

2009-03-25 09:43:25

2000 characters is not enough to even begin to tell the tale of troubles with this vehicle but wanted to share this. Expect NO help from Chrysler if you have issues with a dealership, especially if it not a 5 star dealership. I wouldn't recommend buying another Chrysler to anyone. But if you MUST be sure to contact Chrysler FIRST to find one of their 5 star dealerships, or trust me, you will greatly regret it later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This things has not run right since practically day one but they could never find a problem, and if they did it was never covered under warrenty even thought we spent extra on the extended/additional coverage warrenty!

2004 Dodge Grand Caravan

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