SEL Deluxe 4dr Sedan
2003 Ford Taurus Reviews

5 out of 5

2003 ses

Mar 26, 2016

The taurus looks modern, even today. The style was ahead and forward thinking. The duratech 30 24v is a solid performer and the jaguar s series 2000-2008 has it with intake modification by jaguar. Wish only for stiffer suspension. Would rate 4.5

2003 Ford Taurus

187,000 miles and still going and going

Feb 01, 2010

good car changed the oil every 3k. I changed the brakes and tires once. replaced the O2 sensor. Never a major break down. Bad review killed the resale value by 60% back in 04. so the car cost $23k new and I purchased it for $10k a year later with 10k in mileage on the car. Got to love dumb ass reporters.

2003 Ford Taurus SEL Deluxe4dr Sedan

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