PreRunner 4x2 Xtracab 121.9 in. WB
2002 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

3 out of 5

Rusted out Frame

May 10, 2009

Total Junk

2002 Toyota Tacoma

Luv My Truck

Mar 25, 2009

My truck has served me very well. Tires and battery are he only replacements other than oil every 5k miles. Looks great and runs better! I am giving it to my father, other than that, I would not part with it. 2K9 or 2K10 is the the vehicle I am considering. The only change is that I may go to a double cab. The X-tra cab is not comfortable for long trips if you are in the jump seat.

2002 Toyota Tacoma Base V64x4 Xtracab 121.9 in. WB

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