2002 Jeep Liberty Reviews

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I love my Liberty

Mar 13, 2012

After 130,000 miles I am still one happy camper. The vehicle is reliable. I am still on the original muffler. What don't I like. Gas mileage. Bug I wanted a larger block 4x4 synchronized drive vehicle. I've driven across country 3 times and gone off, off road more than once. No complaints.

2002 Jeep Liberty Sport__4dr_4x4

Review of 2002 Jeep Liberty

Mar 18, 2010

2002 Jeep Liberty

Ilove my roller skate on wheels

Dec 27, 2008

only problem is air conditioner after warranty ran out

2002 Jeep Liberty


Sep 20, 2007

Jeep is notorious for window regulator problems. I have had 3 regulators replaced ($341 each), my friend had two, and two other friends had one each. We all had Cherokees except one friend who has a Liberty. Jeep will not issue a recall, but sell you the same regulators which end up being defective again. They also have a lot of air conditioning problems...evaporator leaks...which end up costing approximately $800 to repair. I love the look of Jeep vehicles, but will never buy another one again.

2002 Jeep Liberty

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