PreRunner V6 4x2 Xtracab 121.9 in. WB
2001 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

3 out of 5

Review of 2001 Toyota Tacoma

May 10, 2009

2001 Toyota Tacoma

I love my Tacoma!

May 01, 2009

2001 Toyota Tacoma

2001 Tacoma Extra Cab 4X4 SR5

Aug 09, 2008

I bought this truck new in 01, I've owened 4 Toyota pickups and this the cream al'la cream, it is 7 years old now and still runs and looks like new. Even to this day I still have stangers come up to me and say nice truck, it only has 51,000 miles on it so I don't plan on selling or trading it off any time soon, I just love this truck. In 4 wheel drive it just goes, no matter how rough the turain or how deep the snow. It has a 3.4 v6, and a 5 speed which I profer, 'I like to be in control' it has more than enough power to do what ever you want. Get a Toyota you can't go wrong.

2001 Toyota Tacoma Base 4x4 Xtracab 121.9 in. WB

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