1999 Toyota Camry

Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Toyota Camry

  • ...can be ordered with a powerful and smooth V6...

    - Edmunds.com
  • From the spacious passenger compartment to the storage space in the large trunk, the Camry is built for an active life style.

    - New Car Test Drive
  • ...can be driven very long without major troubles.

    - Samarin's.com

What reviewers liked least about the Toyota Camry

  • Seats are flimsy- need better leg and back support.

    - Edmunds.com
  • Front suspension may produce a little rattle noise after certain mileage.

    - Samarin's.com

Toyota Camry Comparisons

  • In fact, the Camry LE with the V-6 closely mimics the Lexus ES300 - no surprise because they are basically the same car, built on the same platform with essentially the same drivetrain.

    - Cars.com
  • [For the Toyota Camry versus the Honda Accord], I wouldn't say that one is better than other. In my opinion the Camry provides a softer and quieter ride and more smooth transmission shifting. But the Accord V6 has a more powerful engine, and more precise handling.

    - Samarin's.com

Best one-liner about the Toyota Camry

  • Luxury drive, good fuel economy, and reliability you can count on.

    - Edmunds.com
  • The best car ever owned--PERIOD! Trouble free and reliable.

    - MSN Autos

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