1999 Honda Civic Review Summaries

What reviewers liked most about the Honda Civic

  • The engine note is more muted, and the typical Honda induction sound has been turned down. The lower torque peak also helps keep the distant purr from the 1.7-liter engine from raising its voice, since redlining the engine is not often necessary.

    - Car and Driver
  • Gas mileage was good as well; it drank one gallon every 29 miles.

  • New suspension bushings and revised power steering retain Honda's responsive, communicative feel.

  • Still as peppy as before, the 127-horsepower four provides plenty of power, no matter what the driving situation. It gets noisy in the upper register, but delivers the goods when going down the road.

  • Civic interiors are well-designed, neatly executed and more functional than ostentatious. Interior materials seem to have been selected with durability rather than maximum eye appeal in mind.

    - New Car Test Drive

What reviewers liked least about the Honda Civic

  • As usual in Civics, the seats feel (to a six-foot-five guy) as though they were scaled for a smaller species...

    - Car and Driver
  • Our test car seemed pretty drafty with the side windows down, and the fixed rear side glass prevents you from doing anything about it. The sunroof opening is pretty noisy, too.

    - Car and Driver
  • Anyone more than 5 feet 6 inches tall will feel a little cramped for headroom. (No doubt, the tilt-up moonroof didn't help.) Plus, it's a chore getting into the back seat. Even our kids complained about the gymnastics needed to get in there.

    - The Car Connection

Honda Civic Comparisons

  • Honda's automatic transmissions have never been marvels of smoothness, but this year it seems that Honda has taken a lot of the jolt out of their automatics. They match the smoothness of their competitors.

  • The Civic line offers more variety than most competitors: three body styles, four engines and three kinds of transmissions.


Best one-liner about the Honda Civic

  • The Civic is a slick, easy-to-drive car that is still rewarding for the sporty driver.

    - Car and Driver
  • It is a car for people who don't enjoy repair garage waiting rooms.


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