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1999 Ford Explorer Reviews

3 out of 5

Nice vehicle

Oct 30, 2012

I realy like my 1999 Explorer XLT. It has a good amount of room inside. It's power everything with leather. It has almost 134,000 on it and still runs like a top. I generaly do city driving and get around 18 miles avg. But i once did a trip with alot of highway driving and toped out at 25mpg! Yes thats right, 25. It has been dependable for me so far so i'm happy with it.

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My '99 Ford Explorer

Jan 07, 2012

Im 18 years old, and drive my parent's 1999 Explorer. Let me tell you, this car has over 225,000 miles on it- and it's still going. It runs like a dream. I love this car!!!

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Jan 28, 2009

this is the second explorer i bought i am very inpressed with the ride and preforamce of the suv when i get rid of my 99 eb i will get another one

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Biggest Piece of Junk Ever

Sep 30, 2007

My 1998 Ford Explorer was one of the worst vehicles I have ever encountered. It guzzled gas like a Boeing 747. It broke down constantly. I had to replace almost every piece of the front suspension prematurely (75,000 miles). The blower motor was down to one speed when I got rid of it. It fouled spark plugs on a regular basis. The intermittant wipers worked only when the mood overcame them. The left rear leaf spring developed a mysterious sag in spite of the fact that I drive only on paved roads. Rust gripped the entire vehicle like a vise. Finally, it failed to start one day. There was no gas to the injectors. A new fuel pump failed to solve it. Hours of analysis failed to find the problem. I sold it for junk on EBAY. I'm sure the new Exploders aren't much better. Mark@marksteelbooks.com

1999 Ford Explorer

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