Is Better Than Ever Still Good Enough? By now, all but the staunchest of traditionalists have moved past the shock and horror of seeing their favorite automotive brands branching into categories and segments that break with their previously accepted norms. In other words, you and I don't really care all that much if the BMW M3 is powered by an inline six or a V8, or whether it boasts a turbocharger, just so long as the end result is an awesome car. Similarly, we don't get all hot under the co

Current Models
Old Models
2015 BMW X5
MSRP: $53,200 - $69,100
2014 BMW X5
MSRP: $52,800 - $68,200
2013 BMW X5
MSRP: $47,500 - $64,200
2011 BMW X5
$36,900 / 38,535 miles / NY
2012 BMW X5
$36,900 / 41,176 miles / NY
2015 BMW X5
/ 5 miles / NY
1185 Amboy Ave Edison, 8837 3.4 miles
Rahway Import Auto Sales
1710 W Elizabeth Ave Linden, 7036 4.3 miles
Metro Honda
911 Middlesex Ave Metuchen, 8840 4.8 miles