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2013 BMW X1

A Tasty Bit Of Old School For The New School Against the backdrop of fervent hand-wringing from brand purists, BMW is on the cusp of finally offering front-wheel-drive vehicles. While that's a shock to the constitution, many are pointing to the company's fine-handling Mini offerings as an article of faith that it can get this drivetrain paradigm shift right. That may be true, but there's an even more important lesson that Mini has taught the decision-makers in Munich: how to make real money on small cars. Before Mini came along, BMW – along with seemingly every other premium... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo 2.0L I4
240 HP / 260 LB-FT
8-Speed Automatic
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    BMW X1
    2011 BMW X1 xDrive28i

    A Compact Crossover For The Wagon-Averse My wife hates wagons. Loathes them with the kind of passion and fervor normally reserved for sexual predators and real estate agents. But despite this, she drives the prototypical wagon-on-stilts, a Honda CR-V. That unbridled disgust for any low-riding hatchback is something I've been trying to figure out for ...

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