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2012 BMW M5 [w/video]

Lose Two Cylinders, Gain Two Turbos, Take No Prisoners The first BMW M5, the humble E28 of 1984, had little idea of the performance bloodline it would sire. Its equally humble sales figures proved it: just 2,241 were built. Previous to the 2004 arrival of the E60 M5, the '84 original and the much better-selling E34 that succeeded it in 1988 both carried excellent inline sixes that offered between 256 SAE horsepower in the first-generation's North American trim and 340 European DIN horses by the end of its run in 1995. Good for their time. The E39 M5, however, was the first model in the... Read More

Vital Stats

TT 4.4L V8
560 HP / 502 LB-FT
7-Speed DCT
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    BMW M5
    Quick Spin: 2014 Dinan S1 BMW M5
    Building A Better Bimmer 1409846220

    The last time the Dinan name graced the pages of Autoblog, Michael Harley was waxing poetic about the S3-R BMW 1M Coupe, a car that still stands in his ranks as one of the best cars he's ever driven. And that wasn't just because it was, you know, amazing. It's because as far as tuners go, Dinan produces some seriously well-executed products. Harley said ...

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    BMW M5
    Retro Spin: 1988 BMW M5

    25 Years After Launch, Original M5 Still Stirs The Soul "How would you like to drive a 1988 M5 up Highway 1?" That wasn't a call I was expecting, especially in the late summer of 2010. As far as I was concerned, any car from the 1980s still on the road was sure to be showing a few hundred thousand miles, springs coming through the seats and air ...

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