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2015 BMW i8 Prototype

M Meets Edison The real telling moment for the new BMW i division will be seeing how the recently tested 2014 i3 sells in its various markets, since that is the car that changes how we perceive our expectations of the brand. But this 2015 BMW i8 green supercar has all the earmarks of a slam-dunk project, we just needed to drive it and make sure for ourselves. BMW has a spectacular test facility in southern France, called Miramas, and that's where we just had our first brief go behind the wheel of the i8. There were three cars for us there and they were dressed up in exactly the same... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo 1.5L I3, E-motor
357 HP / 420 LB-FT
6-Speed Auto, 2-Speed for E-motor
Base Price:
$120,000 (est.)
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    BMW i8
    Spy Shots: BMW i8 prototype gives us clearest view yet of its form

    The BMW i8 is still dashing through the snow on its way to a 2013 debut, and getting more revealing as it does so. The outline of the kidney grille has opened up a bit, and the outline of a Hoffmeister kink has been placed at the rear of the side windows. The door handles appear to have moved off the doors themselves to a spot behind the door shutline. ...

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    BMW i8
    Spy Shots: 2014 BMW i8 caught with its doors open

    Judging by the recent spate of i8 spy shots, BMW is cranking away on the plug-in supercar to make sure its primped and ready for its on-sale date in 2014. However, one thing appears to be missing: the glass panel that extends down past the coupe's belt line. That same design element – which BMW billed as feature for urban driving – ...

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    BMW i8
    Spy Shots: BMW i8 breaks out of Mission: Impossible and into the real world

    If you went to the movies over the holiday, chances are pretty good you saw the latest box-office-topping Tom Cruise vehicle. We're not talking about the globetrotting explosion-fest it came wrapped up in, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol; we're speaking of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car that featured heavily in the movie (along ...

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    BMW i8
    Spy Shots: BMW i8 spotted winter testing

    BMW doesn't seem to be too engaged in trying to hide what the company's new i8 supercar will look like when it arrives – in fact, it's been so kind as to leave the label on one of its prototypes. Our keen-eyed spy photographers managed to snap a few quick photos of the vehicle dashing through the snow in northern Sweden during a little cold-weather ...

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    BMW i8
    BMW Vision EfficientDynamics spotted in Abu Dhabi - is it closer to production? [w/video]

    During a recent trip to Abu Dhabi, Teamspeed forum member Captain Stradale caught a glimpse of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics strutting its stuff for an on-track photo shoot. What makes us most curious, though, is the fact that this gray version of the VED is marginally different-looking than the white concept BMW has paraded around the auto show ...

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