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2014 BMW i3

We can only imagine the challenges BMW is going to have explaining the i3 electric vehicle to the world. It's got a new powertain (all-electric, with optional range extender), a new production method (carbon fiber reinforced plastic!), a new brand (the 'i' line) and a new vehicle type (it's a city car). Despite everything that's different, BMW is still trying to talk about the i3 as if it fits in with the rest of the company's vehicles. But it doesn't. Not really. And that's going to make the marketing and salespeoples' jobs quite difficult. Which is a shame, really, since the i3 is... Read More

Vital Stats

125 kW electric motor
170 HP / 184 LB-FT
Single-speed automatic
Base Price:
$41,350 (US)
As-Tested Price:
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    BMW i3
    Spy Shots: BMW i3 EV continues to shed camouflage

    As BMW gets closer to introducing the production version of its plug-in i3, we keep seeing the hatchback being tested with lessening degrees of design-obscuring camouflage. Last we heard, BMW is expecting to have the i3 ready by the end of this year, and the swirly, blue camo does little to hide its basic design in these latest spy shots. We get our ...

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    BMW i3
    Spy Shots: BMW i3 continues to shed camo as it whirs silently toward production

    While BMW was parading around its high-concept i3 Coupe at the LA Auto Show this year, the engineers and test drivers have been hard at work honing the real deal on the mean streets of, well, someplace European. This is the same basic tester that we've seen in previous sets of spied images, though showing a bit more skin than in past outings. BMW has ...

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    BMW i3
    Spy Shots: BMW i3 caught winter testing again

    Spy photographers have picked up yet another batch of photos of the BMW i3. This time, the pint-sized Bimmer was spotted during some winter testing in Norway. When we last saw the awkward-looking hatchback, it was whirring about under the power of 600cc two-cylinder range-extending engine back in November. This looks to be the same i3 REx, complete with ...

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    BMW i3
    Spy Shots: BMW i3 REx spotted packing range-extending engine

    It's been a while since we've seen prototypes of the BMW i3 making the rounds around Germany, but today we get a glimpse of the entry-level EV with new body work and possibly fitted with a range-extending engine. When the i3 was revealed earlier this year, BMW engineers divulged to Autoblog that the automaker plans to fit a 600cc, two-cylinder engine ...

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    BMW i3
    Video: BMW i3 snapped rolling through downtown Chicago

    The upcoming 2013 BMW i3, the Bavarians' all-new rear-wheel-drive EV hatchback, was out in Chicago recently, evidently for a promotional video. The car was fully undisguised, rolling silently down Chicago's Wacker Drive. The i3 will be the first model of the new BMW i brand when it arrives in 2012, and will be powered by a 170-horsepower, all-electric ...

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    BMW i3
    Spy Shots: First pics of BMW's all-new i3

    BMW engineers are busy putting their new line of i-branded vehicles through the winter-ringer, and in addition to testing the i8 hybrid halo, the i3 has been spied taking to the snow. The shape of the i3 decidedly un-BMW, with its upright, pedestrian-friendly nose, slab sides and bulbous back end. The taillamps fitted to the prototype obviously aren't ...

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