BMW 428

The BMW 428i is the latest addition to the ever growing vehicle line-up from Munich. Formerly the 328i, the 4-series separates itself from the 3-series sedan on which it is based by offering more aggressive styling and sportier driving.The 428i coupe/convertible is available in rear- or xDrive…


2015 BMW 428
MSRP: $40,750 - $50,750
2014 BMW 428
MSRP: $40,500 - $50,750
2015 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

Latest To Challenge The Term 'Coupe' Is A Pretty One

It's hard to say what a coupe is anymore. Is it merely a car with two doors? Does it have to have an arching roofline? Do frameless windows count for anything? Can a five-door hatchback or even an SUV be a coupe? At some point in the last few years, nearly everything we thought made a coupe a coupe has been challenged by something that calls itself a coupe, but to most people isn't. Our friends at BMW have led most of this line of questioning.

For Sale

2015 BMW 4 Series
$50,050 / unknown miles / MD
2015 BMW 4 Series
$66,585 / unknown miles / MD
2015 BMW 4 Series
$56,495 / 1,565 miles / MD
"As good as the I6 is, the four-cylinder in this is completely adequate, and dare I say it, a little fun.