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2013 BMW 135is Coupe

BMW's Best 1 Series Gives Back What You Put In Every once in a while, I find myself, despite my solitary leanings and inherent modesty, working out in some kind of class setting. The tone and tenor of these classes ranges wildly – from the quiet, follow-the-leader variety, to those with a kind of Cult of Personality man or woman calling the shots, usually with idiom-laden shouting and theatrical hair. Despite their personal variation and range of professional effectiveness, there's one common concept that most instructors bring up at some point: working with intention. The idea... Read More

Vital Stats

Turbo 3.0L I6
320 HP/ 317 LB-FT
6-Speed Manual
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    BMW's Version Of A Blue Light Special For Speed There's a well-worn automotive axiom that plays out many different ways: The amount of money you spend is proportional to how fast you go. You want more speed? You spend more money. If you've priced a BMW M3 these days, you see the principle at work. Back in the old days (1987), a U.S.-spec M3 boasted a ...

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