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Sebastian Blanco

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Sebastian Blanco has been editing and writing for AutoblogGreen since its inception in April 2006. He has 20 years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and has appeared on the BBC, NPR and many other news outlets discussing clean automotive technologies.

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    Nissan Leaf sales double Chevy Volt to close out winning 2014
    Annual Totals: 18,805 Volts And 30,200 Leafs 1420481640

    To close out the year, sales of the two most-popular plug-in vehicles in the US kept going in the direction that they had been all year. The Chevy Volt dropped and the Nissan Leaf had another record month.

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    Report: ICE'ing fines gave Raleigh, NC enough money to buy a new EV

    The city of Raleigh, NC has collected $27,000 this year from drivers of non-plug-in cars who park at designated EV charging spots. That's almost enough to buy a new EV.

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    It won't be long now before Nissan Leaf finally overtakes Chevy Volt

    At some point in 2015, most likely in the first three months, cumulative sales of the Nissan Leaf will finally reach a higher number than those for the Chevy Volt.

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    US Congress lets $8,000 hydrogen vehicle tax credit expire
    But It Could Be Back Some Time Next Year 1419277440

    The $8,000 US federal tax credit for hydrogen vehicles will expire at the end of 2014, but don't count this thing down and out quite yet. Some credits that expired a year ago were just renewed by the slow-moving 113th Congress.

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    Tesla starts real-world beta testing of Model S battery swaps in California [UPDATE]

    Tesla has finally launched its long-awaited Model S battery swap technology. The first station, still in a limited beta test phase, is now open between Los Angeles and San Francisco in California.

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    Official: Tesla Model S drivers put way more miles on their cars than Nissan Leaf owners do (we think)
    California EV Company Hits One Billion Kilometer Milestone 1.5 Years Earlier 1418946840

    Just a few weeks ago, Nissan announced that its customers have driven over a billion electric kilometers in the four years that the world's best-selling EV has been on the road. That heady milestone means, Nissan says, that the Leaf has saved 180 million kilograms of CO2 emissions around the world.

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    Video: There's a familiar ring to this 1966 video of GM's hydrogen ElectroVan
    Also: A Look Back At Green Cars From The 1994 Chicago Auto Show 1418921820

    "What we need is fuel cells that can run on a hydrocarbon fuel and air."

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    Video: New Toyota Mirai videos continue questionable hydrogen claims
    Ad Says H2 Car Has 'Smaller Carbon Footprint' Than EVs 1418860800

    "Toyota engineers were simultaneously working on a brand new technology that met all the driver's needs with an even smaller carbon footprint."

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    Study: Only five* countries will sell over 10,000 EVs in 2014
    Sales Remain 'Geographically Inconsistent' 1418659380

    While 2014 has been a big year for plug-in vehicle sales – the biggest ever, in fact – the overall numbers are still small. In fact, a new study by The Research Capsule says that sale are "geographically inconsistent" and that only five countries will end the year with more than 10,000 ...

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    Official: Car2go now has 1,000,000 members
    12,000 Carsharing Vehicles Have Gone 136 Million Miles 1418565360

    Turns out, 1,000,000 people sharing 12,000 cars can have a big impact. Now that Car2go has claimed the seven-digit member figure (disclosure: I'm one of those million), the Daimler-owned carsharing company is, ahem, sharing a few figures in the traditional infographic format. Click the image above ...

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    BMW readies EV, hydrogen updates for 2015 Detroit Auto Show
    ChargeNow, ParkNow And DriveNow Will All See Enhancements 1418477340

    BMW's stand at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show will be the place to go for updates. News about advances in electric vehicle infrastructure, hydrogen fuel cells (maybe) and BMW's suite of connected vehicles app things will all make an appearance at the show next month.

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    Smart offers $75 lease deal to Car2go users in San Diego
    That's For The Pure Model; The Passion Is A Whopping $99 A Month 1418259360

    If you've been saving money by sharing a car instead of buying your own, then maybe you have enough left over to go lease one. Because if there's anything that sharing a car should teach you, it's to want your own, right? We're confused, too.

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    Study: Underground hydrogen infrastructure could lower costs
    Maybe 1418216460

    There's a huge international infrastructure dedicated to putting gasoline and diesel fuel into our cars. A nationwide infrastructure for electric vehicles also exists, even if it could be beefed up a bit in some areas. But when it comes to hydrogen cars, the infrastructure hows and wheres and whats ...

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    Report: Tesla stock drops on fear that comes with low gas prices [w/video]
    TSLA Goes Down, Then Back Up, Then Who Knows? 1418169600

    Tesla's stock price was down to around $206 earlier today, but it's back up to over $216 now. Friday, it closed at over $223. Some stock blogs are saying the price could go as low as $165 in the not-too-distant future. What's behind these wild swings that CNBC's Phil LeBeau calls, "the worst ...

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    Report: Toyota spending $168 million to make more Mirai fuel cell vehicles
    Overall Sales Predictions Are Still Small 1418149800

    The last semi-official number we had for pre-orders for the 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle was around 200. But demand is strong enough that Toyota is saying that it will spend 20 billion yen ($168 million US) to expand annual production capacity at the "secretive workshop" where the Mirai will ...

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    Official: PC010 ST is a plug-in Predator you can drive on the street *UPDATE
    Street Legal Formula-Style Racer Now Up For Crowdfunding 1418129820

    UPDATE: Looks like there's been a last-minute name change. Instead of the Predator's PC010 St, this vehicle is now the Egoista Motors' EM01 Stradale Project. Check out the live crowdfunding campaign here and the Facebook page here.

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    Report: VW invests in QuantumScape for potentially fireproof, long-range EV batteries
    First Application Could Be Mid-2015 1418058960

    VW might be getting ready to push its plug-in technology in a big way thanks to an investment in the battery startup QuantumScape. Key point: the solid-state battery is said to be fireproof and will offer tremendous range advantages.

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    Exclusive: Nissan, Kia spending big to promote EVs, Chevy stays conservative on Volt
    Football, Rachel Maddow Fans Among Most Engaged By 'Kick Gas' 1417822200

    With 22 months of record Leaf sales under its zero-emission belt, Nissan has started two big ad campaigns for the battery-powered Leaf. On TV, there's the Kick Gas campaign (it's a popular name) and on social media, Nissan is promoting the EV as the "world's cleanest car" (it's a paint thing). We ...

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    Read This: Questions bubble up about Tesla Model S sales numbers

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that releasing monthly sales numbers allows the media, "to read all sorts of nonsense into the deliveries." He said that with the company's irregular delivery schedule – 1,000 in a country one month, only a handful the next – the spikes and valleys would not ...

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    Report: Ford 'working very hard' on F-150 hybrid

    The lighter, aluminum-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 gets (at best) 26 miles per gallon. That's not bad for a truck that size – and we should always remember that improving gas guzzlers can make a big difference – but what if the popular truck came with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain? How ...


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