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    LVMH says Aston purchase is pure rumor

    It looks like you won't be getting any custom luggage or wallet with your new Aston-Martin anytime soon. The rumors that LVMH, the $14 billion dollar conglomerate that owns such notable brands as Moet & Chandon champagne, Glenmorangie scotch, TAG Heuer watches and the Louis Vitton fashion ...

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    eBay Find of the Day II: Bone stock 1992 GMC Typhoon

    Produced for only two years, 1992-1993, the GMC Typhoon is still a relative unknown to those outside of the high performance community, but if you own or have ever raced one of the 4,697 unleashed on the street, you will remember what to watch out for. This example found on eBay looks like one of ...

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    Toyota confirms even bigger Tundra on the way

    Betting on the success of the new Tundra in the insanely competitive full-size truck market, Toyota has loosely announced that they will not limit themselves to having only a half-ton pickup. A company spokesman says, "It would be safe to say" that a three-quarter ton truck is under strong ...

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    Winner of Chevy Super Bowl college ad contest announced

    After wading through video entries submitted by 820 teams from 230 schools, Chevrolet selected five teams totaling only 11 students to come to Detroit in late October. The candidates would have the chance to sharpen their advertising skills and work with industry professionals before presenting ...

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    Forget AAA: How to unlock your car with a tennis ball

    Here's the scenario: You've locked your keys in the ignition of your Mazda3. Now there's an alternative to caving in the passenger's door to regain access to your car without wasting those precious cell minutes calling AAA. Apparently, all you need is a tennis ball (with a strategically placed ...

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    Ford loses $1b due to counterfeit parts

    In a study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, Ford Motor Company is said to be losing about $1 billion per year due to counterfeit parts sales. Ford states that the real cost could be much higher, as it's impossible to determine the potential costs ...

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    Seattle dealership rips off disabled man

    var digg_url = ''; So you think that car salesman and dealerships have overcome their oft-deserved reputation for being sleazy? After reading this story, our semi-restored faith in the process of buying a car has been ...

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    Traffic study reveals the ladies are safer behind the wheel

    In a report that won't be made public until next week, Traffic STATS found that women are far safer drivers than men. As a matter of fact, according to the assembled data, men have a 77% higher chance of dying in a car accident than women. In the study complied by Traffic STATS, there are loads ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: Worlds Fastest Street 'Cuda Sold at $550,000

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Worlds Fastest Street 'Cuda After nearly 15,000 hours spent creating the beast, the "Worlds Fastest Street 'Cuda" crossed the auction block as lot #1290 at the 36th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event this weekend, fetching a ...

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    Toyota recalls another 553,000 Tundra and Sequoia models

    Once again, Toyota is performing a voluntary recall of its Tundra pickup and Sequoia full-size SUV for ball joints that may wear out too quickly. We reported way back in May of 2005 when Toyota recalled 775,000 Tacomas, 4Runners, Tundras and Sequoias for the same issue, and the NHTSA has been ...

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    Mark Fields gives up his flying perks

    On 11/15, we reported about the expensive flights on Ford's corporate jet that Mark Fields was taking every weekend from Detroit to his home in Florida. Today, Mr. Fields announced to the workers at Ford that he would forgo the perk, guaranteed to him as a part of his compensation package, and make ...

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    VIDEO: Adventures on ice in the Pacific Northwest

    Ice is one of those things that people can never seem to figure out. For some reason they just keep on driving, no matter what the conditions might be. These Portlanders, apparently, are no different than the rest of us. They learn the hard way that when everything is frozen, the laws of ...

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    You can buy Ol' Blue Eyes' last ride: a 1985 Chrysler Town and Country wagon

    For sale in the Auto Trader in England is this 1985 Chrysler Town and Country wagon, essentially a K-car woodie, that was a St. Valentine's Day gift to Ol' Blue Eyes from his wife in 1985 and is likely the last car he ever drove. It is listed at about $40,000, or about 40 times it's trade-in ...

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    VIDEO: Audi releases official footage of the R8

    Here is the first of the five videos released by Audi that show not only the enviable driving prowess of the Audi R8, but a cool video on how the car is built and some great information on the engine and powertrain. Just the sound of the engine alone is worth the time it takes to watch all of the ...

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    81,000 Honda Accords recalled

    If you drive a 2004 or 2005 Honda Accord, you might want to be a little more careful than usual. According to a letter sent to NHTSA on January 9, the sensor on these vehicles that detects the driver's position in the seat was potentially attached in the wrong place and also potentially over ...

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    CARFAX agrees to settlement in class-action lawsuit

    CarFax is becoming an increasingly popular tool used by both buyers and sellers of vehicles as a way to verify a vehicle's history. Unfortunately, the internet-based service outfit has had to settle a class-action lawsuit that accuses the company of misleading customers into thinking that its ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: DUAL jet-engined Toyota MR2

    What will people do to get attention these days? The answer to that question can be found in two distinct places: YouTube or eBay. This insane piece of automotive engineering can be found for sale on eBay for a starting bid of $30,000. The ad is very simple. All it states is that it is a 1991 ...

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    Holden putting the Commodore on a diet

    Recently announced as the next Pontiac G8, Holden says that the Commodore model is in need of a diet. According to Holden chairman and executive director Denny Mooney, the Commodore doesn't need to get any smaller and is sized appropriately for both the Australian and American markets. It ...

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    Retirement Village Rally Car: 4/5-scale Mitsubishi EVO X

    As if the Tokyo Auto Show didn't have enough zaniness, the folks at Kidzania Tokyo have come up with some strange at the Mitsubishi display.They have built a fully drivable "Baby EVO X" that is approximately 4/5 scale. It is a fully functional rally wanna-be with an engine (not a 4B11!), four ...

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    Dental assistants have something to smile about: Boss gives HHRs as Xmas gifts

    Dr. Copenhaver and Dr. Trout, dentists in Richmond Hill, GA, feel blessed to have such a wonderful staff and look forward to doing something special for them each year during the holiday season. This year they gave their employees something more than just a teeth whitening to brighten their smile. ...

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