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    Badge engineering gone bad: the Dodge Attitude

    Hey Dodge, Hyundai's marketing crew called, they want you to go to Mexico and try a little harder to badge engineer the Accents they sold you. That's right, the car sold in the US by Hyundai as the Accent is sold in Mexico as the Dodge Attitude. It doesn't stop at the Accent either, the Hyundai ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Copperhead Cobra

    If you thought 50 Cent was crazy for taking his Lamborghini to Alsa Corp to be painted with a chrome finish, you will flip when you see this. For about 17,500,000 pennies, you can own this Cobra replica that's been skinned in copper. The aptly titled Copperhead Cobra is an example of the roadsters ...

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    Toyota may look to outside supplier for diesels

    In its 50-year history in the US, Toyota has never sourced an engine for its vehicles from an outside supplier. There is a possibility that this may change if Toyota decides to put a diesel in its new Tundra full-size pickup truck. While we think it's more likely for Toyota to leverage its Hino ...

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    Toyota exec answers recall issues

    It is no secret that Toyota has had its share of quality problems this year. The company has recalled over 1 million vehicles, and Kazuo Okamoto, head of its research and development organizations, is looking for the silver lining.According to Okamoto, his company's recent quality problems can be ...

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    Toyota pitching Tundra with Americana

    Toyota is throwing its hat in the full-size truck market in a big way with its new Tundra, and they are looking to push their new product at bass-fishing, NASCAR ball cap-wearing consumers with an advertising budget of over $100 million. The actual budget is still being worked on, but the ...

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    Baubles for your Benz by Mercedes Accessories

    Mercedes-Benz Accesssories GMBH has taken a great thing -- the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class -- and enhanced it with a full line of high-end accessories inspired by the vehicle.First up is MB's leather trinkets, available in the classic black nappa found in the cabin of the CL. Leather products consist ...

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    Trademark dumpster diving: SPEED TV readying downloadable content

    We could spend hours watching the videos on YouTube or Comedy Central, but a new past time may rise out of the primordial ooze that is the Internet. The TV blog, trivialTV, stumbled upon a trademark filing by SPEED channel for Speed Garage. What is Speed Garage? The filing states it is for ...

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    2007 MINI brochure caught in the wild

    Sure, it's the UK version of a preview brochure for the new MINI, but come on, it's the NEW MINI! In all seriousness, when we spotted that the MotoringFile had picked up a copy of the new brochure, we practically scrambled over each other to get it in front of your eyes. The file they got their ...

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    Toyota Kentucky plant about to build five-millionth Camry

    Toyota's Kentucky plant is about to crank out Camry number five million. Toyota's manufacturing plant in Kentucky has been operating since 1988, and will be starting a new milestone this year when it begins to produce the Camry Hybrid. That's because after 18 years of producing the Camry, the ...

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    20th Anniversary Tuning Kit for BMW E30 M3

    When BMW first introduced the M3 in 1986, it was the answer to the 190E 2.3-16V from Mercedes-Benz. The E30 (BMW's chassis code for the 2nd Generation 3-Series) M3 was a homologation special for Group A Touring Car racing. Over the next twenty years, the M3 would transform from an almost single ...

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    Toyota Prius earns spot in Monopoly

    It's official, our favorite Monopoly piece did not survive Hasbro's update in its new Here and Now edition. While the trusty racecar (What? You thought we would be fans of the top hat?) can still be found in classic versions of the game, the new 'Here and Now' Limited Edition Game will include the ...

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    Autoblog Video Podcast 2

    After firing that first video podcast across the bow of our unsuspecting audience, it seemed entirely appropriate to create a video collage of the guerilla-style footage from our NAIAS exploits. Think of this segment as a silent tribute to the stars of this year's Detroit Auto Show.You may enjoy ...

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    Autoblog Video Podcast 1

    In this first edition of the Autoblog Video Podcast, we review Mazda's 2006 MX-5 Miata. This is the first crack at the video podcast thing. This one is a little bare bones, but give us time and we'll have elite animations and maybe even background music. Keep on the look out for future editions of ...

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    HPA Motorsports Passat [SEMA]

    In Europe the new VW Passat comes across better than the U.S. market cars. There may not be a logical reason for this impression. This HPA Motorsports Passat is hot. Now, the Passat looks right. The large mock air intakes at either side of the bumper look fantastic. They work in concert ...

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    HPA Motorsports Jetta [SEMA]

    The twin turbo V6 in this VW Jetta concept produces 500 hp that is transmitted through DSG to a 4Motion Haldex AWD system to all four wheels. This Jetta takes a full-race theme with KW FIA Competition suspension and AP Racing air jacks along with a six-point roll cage and Stack racing ...

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    HPA Motorsports Touareg [SEMA]

    HPA Motorsports also gave its talent to VW's Touareg SUV. The VW Touareg just looks better a little lower to the ground. This VW also receives a twin turbo kit, HPA's signature touch. KW also provided the suspension for this concept, as it did for the Passat and Jetta.

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    Rad Rides by Troy Avalon? [SEMA]

    These customized Avalons seem totally out of left field to us, but something is going on when Troy Trepanier puts his name on one. Besides the custom grill, Troy's team shaved the door handles and smoothed out the rest of the body lines. The interior also received a redesigned seats and ...

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    Avalon Touring by Street Image [SEMA]

    Besides the rather impressive Toyota Avalon Pursuit Concept, Toyota seems to have commissioned other customizers to lend their touch to the new Avalon. It is rather surprising that a vehicle that has traditionally been considered the 'Japanese Buick' is receiving this kind of treatment. ...

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    Toyota Avalon Pursuit

    We're all used to keeping an eye out for unmarked Crown Vic, Impalas, and maybe the new Chrysler interceptors. Well, Toyota and Hotchkis tuning have teamed up to bring another profile to be on the look out for. This Avalon Pursuit Concept includes several exterior design changes, including ...

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    Sweet Custom Tucker

    If a stock Tucker isn't enough of a rare sight, a full-bore custom Tucker is definitely unique. Eric spotted this beauty at SEMA, and we're thankful he did. Underneath the handmade body, Rob Ida Concepts has mounted a Northstar V8 in the rear, fitted four wheel independent suspension ...

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