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    New details on the next generation BMW 7-Series

    Car Magazine has posted a few close-up spy shots of the next 7-Series and also provides more details on what to expect in Munich's new flagship with some interesting tidbits that appear sourced from right inside BMW. For BMW fans, the new 7-Series is also the start of a new set of chassis ...

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    Mitsubish becomes top shareholder of Isuzu

    Isuzu Motors announced today that Mitsubishi Corp. has become its top shareholder after increasing its share of the automaker from 3.5 percent to 15.65 percent. Mitsubishi Corp, the huge conglomerate that also owns 13 percent of Mitsubishi Motors Corp, first scooped up a share in Isuzu when General ...

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    Mazda to go it alone with hybrid development

    Despite the past efforts of its parent company, Mazda is setting out on its own path to develop hybrid powertrains. Mazda's senior managing executive in charge of research and development, Seita Kanai, stated that the Japanese company is working independently of Ford to create hybrid vehicles. ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Porsche 911 Targa

    Porsche also debuted its 2007 911 Targa 4 and 4S at the Paris Motor Show, in addition to the superlative 2007 911 GT3 RS. The Targa concept has been around since 1966, and the new Targa 4 and 4S give buyers the option of having the open sky experience of a convertible without loosing the rigidity ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

    AMG presented the results of its latest Mercedes-Benz performance manipulation with the S 63 AMG at the 2006 Paris Motor show this week. The eight-cylinder S 63 is blessed with AMG's new 6.3-liter, 525-hp powerplant, which boasts the highest specific output and torque of any series-produced ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Porsche GT3 RS

    A Porsche 911 is almost always an object of desire. A fast 911 is even more so, but take a practically race-spec Porsche and give it a touch of nostalgia and you have a recipe for a tongue-out drool fest. Like its ancestor, the 1973 911 Carrera RS, the GT3 RS is modified to serve as a homologation ...

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    GM needs HUMMERS

    Actually, Hummer needs more Hummers. That's the news coming out of GM today as Bob Lutz told reporters at the opening of a Hummer dealership in Paris (we hope the dealership is well fortified, and Lutz is prepared to take a pie in the face). As for any particulars on what new Hummer models we may ...

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    Wagoner says we don't need a partner

    Rick said it; General Motors does not need a partner to complete its recovery. According to an interview with Wagoner by Automotive News, the CEO of GM thinks 'It's not logical or responsible to say we must have a partner to recover.' GM is currently studying whether it will allow billionaire ...

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    Paris Motor Show: VW Iroc Concept

    We did not get a chance to see the VW Iroc in person when it debuted in Berlin last month. So what a joy to have Eric Bryant snag these live shots of the 'reinterpretation' of the Scirocco theme. Enjoy more photos after the jump, and VW is hinting strongly that this vehicle may find its way into ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Citroën C-Métisse Concept

    The French automakers are known for their extreme concepts, and today's unveiling of the C-Métisse by Citroën is a great example of their reputation. This concept is a four door coupe design with a definite Grand Touring theme. The sporty C-Métisse is also a diesel hybrid, with ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Ford Mondeo Wagon

    Using the 'kinetic' design language introduced at Frankfurt in 2005 with the Iosis concept, Ford of Europe has just unveiled its new flagship, the Mondeo, at Paris today. The wagon is the first to be debuted, with a production launch scheduled across Europe in the second quarter of 2007. Ford of ...

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    Chrysler drops prices on Durango and Pacifica

    The average sticker price for the Chrysler wing of DaimlerChrysler only rose $38 for the 2007 model year. The slashing of prices on the Durango and Pacifica lines is partially to blame for this relatively low increase in average MSRP. Chrysler cut the Pacifica down by $1,318 on average and the ...

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    A New York minute with the 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT

    Anyone who knows me wouldn't ever think I would want climb into an Escalade, let alone the Cadillac truck that is the Escalade EXT. One look at me and you might pin me for the euro-import freak that I am. But deep down, somewhere inside my American psyche lies this desire for a White Diamond ...

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    Thirty minutes with the 2007 Saturn Aura

    The 2007 Saturn Aura is a critical car for General Motors; GM will even tell you that to your face. It represents a solid break for Saturn towards the European-inspired brand that it should be. By leveraging the resources of Opel in Europe, GM was able to bring a vehicle with European character to ...

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    Honda's new fuel cell car due in 2008

    Honda recently demostrated its FCX Concept fuel cell vehicle to journalists at its reseach facility north of Tokyo, in which the FCX quietly moved at around 100 MPH on their test track. The futuristic FCX Concept is targeted for limited sale in the U.S. and Japan in 2008, according to Honda. The ...

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    Road Racer: Mosler MT900 GTR

    Mosler Deutschland, the German importer for Mosler Automotive, has created a special road-going GTR edition of the MT900S. The GTR will be powered by a 600 bhp 7.0-liter GM LS7 engine from the latest Corvette Z06. The MT900GTR includes a carbon front splitter, carbon fiber rear spoiler, and ...

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    Mulally already shaking up Ford

    Even though Alan Mulally hasn't officially taken the helm at Ford yet, he is already making waves. The former Boeing CEO has taken the reigns already, acutely focused on becoming the company's new leader. In a report by The Detroit News, the details of Mulally's actions are coming to light. He is ...

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    Last BMW X5 rolls of the line, makes way for next generation.

    The last of BMW's current generation X5 rolled off the line at their Spartanburg, SC plant on Friday. The Toledo Blue 3.0is X5 with Truffle Brown leather interior and Dark Grain Poplar wood trim will be kept by the factory and displayed in its Zentrum museum. BMW is one of the first manufacturers ...

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    How gas prices work

    We're certain that we're not the only ones that shake our heads in disgust when we roll by a gas station (and bow our heads in shame when we actually have to fill up). With the price of gas starting to come down, we certainly all are a little puzzled about what influences fuel prices. ...

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    Spy Shots: Hyundai Arnejs

    Earlier this month, Hyundai released a few images of the Arnejs concept car that it will be debuting in Paris next week. While the concept is a stunning example of what a C-class car could be, CarScoop has posted spy shots of what it actually will be when it goes into production. The guys over at ...

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