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    Odds Of Dying In A Traffic Accident Depend On Which State You Reside In
    D.C. and Massachusetts motorists enjoy the safest driving in the nation 1406130480

    Your odds of dying in a traffic accident depend a lot on where you live.

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    Car Shopping For A Teen? Here's What You Need To Know
    Many used cars don't contain criticial safety features that could keep kids safer 1405524600

    Teen drivers are the most vulnerable motorists on the road. They take unnecessary risks. They're inexperienced. They're more likely to sit behind the wheel of used cars that don't contain the latest safety technology.

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    Dad Pleads With Parents To Remember Kids In Hot Cars
    Man subjects himself to hot car to get message out about child endangerment 1405100160

    After five minutes of sitting in a hot car, Terry Williams was drenched with sweat. After ten minutes, he felt like the air had been sucked out of his lungs. After 15 minutes, he got out of the car.

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    Marijuana Smell Won't Get You In Trouble On Massachusetts Roads
    Court ruling prohibits police from using smell of marijuana as reason for car search 1405026900

    In recent months, a number of states across America have made it easier for law-enforcement officers to meet the standards necessary to search a motorist's car without a warrant during a traffic stop. Massachusetts is headed in the opposite direction.

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    Rolling Coal: America's Political Divide Reaches The Roads [w/videos]
    Dirty trucks a form of political protest 1405014480

    Rolling coal isn't always mere indiscriminate harassment, but a form of grassroots political protest against President Obama and perceived burdensome federal regulations.

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    Cases Of Kids Dying In Hot Cars All Too Common
    They're normally tragic accidents; Georgia case may be rare exception 1404767880

    The circumstances surrounding the death of a Georgia toddler in a hot car last month are macabre. Authorities say Justin Ross Harris, 33, may have left his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in the family's car for more than seven hours on purpose while temperatures in Cobb County, Georgia, reached 92 ...

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    The Long History Behind Monday's Massive Airbag Recalls
    Moisture is only latest in long line of explanations for Takata's problem 1403900280

    The latest details of a troubling safety trend arrived Monday, when seven automakers issued eight recalls for cars that may contain airbags that could kill drivers instead of saving their lives.

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    Congressional Probe Of GM's Ignition Switch Recall Continues
    Congresswoman says up to 100 may have died due to faulty cars 1403120520

    A member of the US House of Representatives said Wednesday there may be as many as 100 deaths linked to General Motors' decade-long failure to recall millions of defective cars.

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    GM Recalls 500K Chevy Camaros For Ignition-Switch Defect
    GM said it knows of three Camaro crashes related to the problem 1402672500

    General Motors issued a recall for more than a half million Chevrolet Camaros on Friday morning because of an ignition-switch safety hazard that mirrors the one at the center of the company's current crisis.

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    How College Students Reinvented An Ordinary American Sedan
    EcoCar2 winner will be announced tonight 1402588320

    The Colorado State team was one of 16 that came to GM's Milford Proving Grounds last week for the final stretch of the EcoCar2 competition, which challenges regular college students who have no automotive experience to do nothing less than reinvent the American car.

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    Pennsylvania Police Gain Broader Powers To Search Vehicles
    Court ruling says police can search a car based on probable cause alone 1401207300

    Police officers in Pennsylvania no longer need a warrant to search your car during a traffic stop. A recent court ruling granted law-enforcement authorities broader powers in determining whether they can search a vehicle.

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    Hackers Can Tinker With Traffic Lights, Other Road Systems
    New research shows how easy it is to infiltrate key traffic-control systems 1399052340

    The next time Gov. Chris Christie wants to create traffic problems on the George Washington Bridge, he may have more sophisticated options than an old-fashioned study.

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    Can Students Turn A Chevy Camaro Into A Fuel-Sipper?
    New Dept. Of Energy competition prods next generation of auto engineers 1398455700

    The Chevrolet Camaro gulps down gas. Can a bunch of students turn this iconic sports car into a model of fuel efficiency?

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    Breaking: New York Focuses On Rising Pedestrian Deaths
    Big Apple is 1 of 3 U.S. cities to receive federal grant money Friday 1398449340

    For the past two weeks, New Yorkers have marveled at the sights of the latest concept cars and production vehicles at the annual New York Auto Show. As the show winds into its final weekend, they're turning their attention back toward the darker side of driving.

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    Horse-Drawn Carriages? New York City May Say 'Neigh'
    Big Apple’s new mayor, Bill de Blasio, has been on a crusade to put an end to the nostalgic rides 1397842200

    For more than a century, horse-drawn carriages have been iconic fixtures in New York City. But the Big Apple's new mayor, Bill de Blasio, has been on a crusade to put an end to the nostalgic rides, saying the carriages are cruel to the horses and a common source of traffic congestion.

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    General Motors Announces Another Big Ignition-Related Recall
    2.19 million cars called in for additional problems 1397167200

    Replacement parts for cars at the center of a massive General Motors recall for defective ignition switches began arriving at dealerships across this country just this week. If car owners have already gotten repairs made, they'll need to make an additional trip to their dealerships. On Thursday, ...

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    Two GM Vehicles Stand Out On Important Safety Crash-Test
    Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain are only cars to get a "good" grade 1396971900

    Here's some news regarding the safety of General Motors vehicles that will actually reassure some car owners instead of frightening them.

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    Investigators Find No Defect Trend With Tesla Motors' Model S
    But the electric car company will reinforce underbodies of its cars with new shield 1396035420

    Federal safety investigators said Friday they have found no apparent defect trends in the Tesla Model S, an electric luxury car that has its share of fans and critics.

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    General Motors CEO Addresses Common Questions Raised By Ignition-Switch Recall
    Mary Barra appears in five videos released on YouTube 1395852000

    In response to a barrage of questions from customers worried about the safety of their vehicles, General Motors CEO Mary Barra recorded and released a series of short videos that provide some degree of answers.

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    Graco Recalls 400,000 Additional Car Seats, 1.8 Million More Still Disputed
    NHTSA wants more seats fixed; defect may have led to at least 1 death 1394815800

    Graco is recalling 403,222 more car seats over a potentially deadly problem with their buckles.


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