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    Opinion: "It's partner or die" in today's automotive world

    Why Automakers Are Increasingly Entering Alliances

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    Opinion: An early look at 2012 shows a radically new auto industry

    Detroit Gains Momentum As Japan Regains Its Footing

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    Opinion: Detroit's Christmas Wish: Regain market share lost by Japan

    Honda And Toyota Miscues Help Detroit Gain An Edge

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    Opinion: Will there be a Tokyo Motor Show in 2013?

    Tokyo Struggles To Remain Relevant On The World Stage

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    Opinion: Is America's automotive love affair over? [w/poll]

    At first glance, Kerry Jenkins might seem to be a perfectly normal California girl, with her wispy blond hair and tanned complexion. But in a part of the country where getting an automobile has long been a rite of passage, the 19-year-old Los Angelino is quite content to live without a set of ...

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    Opinion: UAW seems headed for a catastrophic confrontation

    The Future Of The Union Hangs In The Balance

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    Opinion: What good is an electric vehicle if there's no electricity?

    A Glut Of EVs Could Make America's Shoddy Power Grid Even Worse

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    Opinion: Stack of potential suitors line up at Ford for Life After Mulally

    Who Could Possibly Replace Ford's Golden CEO?

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    Opinion: Shanghai Motor Show threatens to make New York redundant

    Shanghai Struts its Stuff – Challenging the Big Apple

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    Opinion: If distracted driving is such an epidemic, why don't statistics show it?

    Declining Highway Death Rate Challenges Distracted Driving Fears

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    Why Geneva has evolved into the must-see motor show of the year

    A recent study anointed Geneva the most livable city in the world. Sitting where Lake Geneva flows into the Rhone River, the old city has a surprisingly small town feel and probably wouldn't even be on the global map were it not for the presence of the United Nations – and the annual Geneva ...

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    Penske blindsided by Daimler's decision to take over Smart USA?

    On or off the track, Roger Penske is a force to be reckoned with. His team has taken the victory lap 15 times at the Indianapolis 500 and his business ventures have made him one of America's richest and most powerful entrepreneurs.

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    Opinion: Turning the tide at Toyota?

    What price a reputation? That's what Toyota will be learning in the months and years ahead as it struggles to recover from the safety scandal that has enveloped the company since it announced the first recall for unintended acceleration in October 2009.

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    Opinion: Chrysler no longer left for dead, biggest test still coming

    Some years ago, sitting in my office with the windows open on a warm spring day, I heard a deep rumble – not unlike the sound of a freight train passing by... but closer, more menacing, and immediately followed by a violent shudder as a rare Midwest earthquakes rolled out from under Lake Erie.

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    Opinion: Has Honda lost its footing?

    When Honda handed out sketches of an all-new Civic Concept last December, they received a warm welcome from those anticipating big changes for the maker's long-popular compact sedan.

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    Farewell, Chuck Jordan

    Even for those who didn't know him during his glory days, Chuck Jordan was a familiar face on the auto show circuit. Slowed only a bit by a stroke, he was still present at a surprising number of the major shows, squeezed in with the assorted reporters, photographers and videographers, paying close ...

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    How the gas tax is under threat from green vehicles

    Can Governments Afford To Incentivise Electric Cars?

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    How does Hyundai do business in the shadow of war?

    In the event of war, you can't hurl Hyundais at the enemy

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    Who Will Save EV Sales? Call In The Fleets

  • 0 on Autoblog with Paul Eisenstein

    What Happens To Mazda Without Ford?

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