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    Popsci: If you've got diamonds and xenon, you might soon have a super battery

    Researchers at Washington State University have made a discovery they're calling "the most condensed form of energy storage outside of nuclear energy." And if they're right, it could one day lead to super-energy-dense batteries. The process uses tools and materials that sound like things Lex Luthor ...

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    Mercedes-Benz S350 Bluetec: Stronger. Faster. More efficient than before.

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    Slate: Worst part of oil spill could be return of Big Ethanol

    The BP oil spill has reminded us that whether we love ethanol or hate it, it's still loads better than crude oil. Or at least that's what the corn ethanol lobbies would have us believe, according to Slate.

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    The Oil Drum presents one vision of the oilpocalypse in the Gulf

    BP and the US government haven't been as forthcoming with details about the company's oil spill as some of us would like. Lack of clear information often breeds speculation, and what follows is certainly speculation. That being said, those of us who write for ABG and you, our readers, often deal ...

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    Electric buggy to ascend Pike's Peak on orange-oil-infused tires

    Yokohama Electric EV Sports Concept HER-02 – click above for hi-res image

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    U.S. Mayors want more natural gas for city fleets

    Mayors from across the country gathered in Oklahoma City this past weekend for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Their agenda covered everything from federal immigration reform and after-school programs to drug enforcement and Superfund sites. It was a busy weekend.

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    Four cylinders are for chumps - 100 miles-per-gallon in a Geo Metro

    Okay, we admit it, we're as smitten by emerging and flashy technology as much as the next green geeks. But sometimes we get so caught up in the vehicles of tomorrow that we forget to look back at the incredibly green vehicles that have come before. One of the best – and most lampooned – ...

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    Capstone, CalMotors to offer full-line of hybrid electric microturbine systems

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    What are 3rd and 4th generation biofuels and when are they coming?

    Back in the early days of mass-produced biofuels, corn-based ethanol and soy-based biodiesel were all the rage. But criticism about food vs. fuel and scalability abounded and, by 2008, cellulosic ethanol became known as a so-called second-generation-biofuel and, maybe, the answer to our ...

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    Video: Slime mold could make U.S. roads more efficient

    Physarum polycephalum, slime mold, makes map of U.S. – check out the videos after the jump

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    Edmunds: long-term, real-world MPG update shows you can get just 26 mpg in a Prius

    The good people over at Edmunds Inside Line maintain a fleet of test vehicles for their flogging pleasure. And they've just released the latest fuel economy numbers from their real-world tests. Not surprisingly, the 2004 Toyota Prius came in first place overall averaging 41.0 miles per gallon. What ...

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    Love it or hate it, petroleum diesel keeps getting un-dirtier

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    House passes biodiesel tax credit, bill moves on to Senate

    var digg_url = ''; Since late 2009, commercial biodiesel producers and users across the U.S. have been wandering through the diesel desert, shamefully living off petroleum, thirsting for just one more ...

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    Video: Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta want your help for Gymkhana 3

    Ken Block and his 2011 Ford Fiesta – Click above to check out the video after the jump

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    Report: new VW Jetta TDI delayed till 2011

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    Report: UK may cancel electric vehicle tax break to save money

    The new UK government is looking to cut costs – and a £5,000 discount on all new electric cars could be on the chopping block, according to the Guardian. The budding UK electric vehicle (EV) market, much like the EV market in the U.S., is heavily dependent on tax breaks and rebates to ...

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    IBM wants to control your car at stoplights - 1984, here we come

    No one is saying start-stop technology like the kind found in electric and hybrid vehicles isn't a great idea. We just told you about how BMW's 320d EfficientDynamics model is able to squeeze over 1000 miles out of a tank of diesel in part due to start-stop tech, for example. It's awesome, no doubt.

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    House vote on biodiesel tax credit could come today

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    Got hair? Donate your locks to make oil booms

    For weeks, oil has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of somewhere between 5,000 and 47 zillion barrels a day and BP still has no clear plan to stop it. Now, everyone from the U.S. Government to Kevin Costner to those fellas down in Florida with the hay are doing their part to clean up ...

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    Green American Road Trip rides form Austin to Boston on CNG

    Despite proponents like T. Boone Pickens pushing for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles on America roads, the simple fact is, outside of states like California and Florida, a CNG-powered vehicle just isn't practical. Or is it? As part of her Master's Degree thesis, Castlen Kennedy, a student ...

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