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    SAE World Congress focus will be on fuel economy

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    E85 Viper goes 189mph; see video in link

    Karl Jacob took his E85-fueled, 1,100-horsepower to the Mojave Friday and came away with one world record in the standing mile. With car builder Ron Misjak Jr. behind the wheel, the Viper hit 189 mph to set an E85 mark but missed the gasoline-powered street car record of over 217 mph. According to ...

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    Cal Poly wins Shell Eco-Marathon with 1,902.7 mpg!

    Click the photo for a hi-res gallery from the Shell Eco-Marathon

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    Eco-warrior breaks bread with Hummer exec and talks green

    At the invitation of GM, eco-blogger Michael d'Estries of Groovy Green attended the New York Auto Show. At dinner he took advantage of being sandwiched between Hummer boss Ross Hendrix and GM's lead exec on environmental issues, Beth Lowery. Michael's first questions to Hendrix: "So Ross, when is ...

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    New York Auto Show: No paint for these Volvos, the entire body is covered in fabric

    Click on the image above to view a hi-res gallery

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    Freedom from Oil strikes again in New York

    The same environmental protesters who disrupted a speech by GM's Rick Wagoner in Los Angeles have hit the New York Auto Show. Two Freedom from Oil members climbed the support structure at the Javit's Center yesterday to unveil a 20-foot banner attacking Toyota. They were arrested after police used ...

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    Mercedes-Benz E320 wins World Green Car award

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    New York Auto Show: Audi S5 hits North American shores

    click above image to view more images of the red Audi S5 at the NY Auto Show

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    GM's Bob Lutz wants more E85 pumps, not higher car prices

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    New York Auto Show: Lexus LS460 wins World Car of the Year

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    Scientists say Japanese automakers doing more for US environment than Detroit

    The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report yesterday that says Japanese automakers are driving Americans toward a cleaner environment. Meanwhile, domestic automakers are producing vehicles with the worst smog and global warming emissions. Heading up the list are Honda and Toyota while ...

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    New York Auto Show: Polly Wheels gives young girls their own line of die-cast cars

    Update: We just added a gallery of high-res photos of the Polly Wheels collection.

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    Toyota starts offering $2,000 incentives on Prius to counter dwindling tax breaks

    Toyota sold a bunch of Prius hybrids last month but now the company is offering $2,000 in discounts at the dealership. The move comes on the heels of fewer tax credits available to Prius shoppers. The discounts range from $600 to $2,000 for features such a navigation, hands-free mobile phone ...

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    New York Auto Show: Subaru gives Tribeca facelift, more power [VIDEO]

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    Kermit's green car ad wins top award at New York Auto Show

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    Alan Mulally charms in New York, praises restructuring despite layoffs

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    Western states leading biodiesel bandwagon

    The New Mexico legislature has passed a bill requiring all diesel fuel sold in the state to have at least a 5-percent blend of biodiesel. Gov. Bill Richardson is expected to sign. The measure requires all state vehicles with diesel engines to be using B5 by 2010, and all diesel sold in the state ...

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    Austin, Texas, has visions of plug-in hybrids powering grid during peak hours

    Austin Energy, the public utility in the Texas capital, wants plug-in hybrids to do more than reduce fuel consumption in the area. The city hopes that the vehicles can get charged during the off-peak hours at night, then return a few watts to grid during peak hours. Officials realize the time frame ...

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    Environmentalist who walked America and didn't speak for 17 years, now drives Prius

    While Al Gore's movie and celebrity friends draw considerable attention, one of the first eco-celebrities earned his green stripes with a 17-year vow of silence and long walks across the country.

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    More employers offering green-car incentives to workers

    Local governments are seeing the benefit of purchasing vehicles with good gas mileage and alternative-fuel capability. Now they're trying to inspire their employees to purchase similar vehicles. The Los Angeles County Supervisors is working on a plan to encourage county workers to purchase hybrids ...

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