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    New York Auto Show: No paint for these Volvos, the entire body is covered in fabric

    Click on the image above to view a hi-res galleryVolvo is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. As part of the company's observance, it brought over a restored 1927 PV4, nicknamed the Jakob for the Volvo display at the New York Auto Show. Volvo offered two versions of this sedan, an ...

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    New York Auto Show: Audi S5 hits North American shores

    click above image to view more images of the red Audi S5 at the NY Auto ShowShowing its performance side first, Audi unveiled the S5 ahead of the A5 in North America at the New York Auto Show. Both vehicles, however, had already made their world debut in Geneva. Looking very intense in blazing red, ...

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    New York Auto Show: Lexus LS460 wins World Car of the Year

    The World Car of the Year Awards has just concluded with the Lexus LS460 earning the honor of being called the planet's best auto for 2007. The LS460 beat out the Audi TT and new MINI Cooper, which were also finalists. The Audi TT, however, did not walk away empty handed, earning a trophy for World ...

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    New York Auto Show: Polly Wheels gives young girls their own line of die-cast cars

    Update: We just added a gallery of high-res photos of the Polly Wheels collection.There is an exhibit area at the New York Auto Show with a staggering 1,190 vehicles on display. And it's "manned" by a trio of vivacious pre-teens playing "Race to the Mall" with a new line of die-cast toy cars made ...

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    New York Auto Show: Subaru gives Tribeca facelift, more power [VIDEO]

    UPDATE: Video of live reveal added after jumpclick on image above to view high-res shots of the 2008 Subaru Tribeca var digg_url ='; The Tribeca has the lowest consumer awareness of any Subaru product. You have to ...

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    Alan Mulally charms in New York, praises restructuring despite layoffs

    While acknowledging that losing a third of the salaried workforce has been an "upheaval" for employees, Ford CEO and president Alan Mulally said the company restructuring is "generally going well".In somewhat of a fireside chat with the press to open the 2007 New York International Auto Show this ...

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    'Bullrun' debuts on Spike TV Tuesday night; needs more driving action, fewer explosions

    While wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg is showcased as the front man for Spike TV's new automotive reality series "Bullrun," he's not on camera enough to hold this fractured show together. If the producers had let the vehicles and driving be the stars, then the show might not be crying out for ...

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    We too have an Anna Nicole Smith story to tell!

    With all the news surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the car junkies over at Jalopnik were smart enough to write a headline that no doubt go many search engines to look their way, although it took a couple degrees of separation to find the link. Apparently the lawyer for Anna Nicole's mom ...

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    MazdaSpeed expands grassroots driver program; will pay more contingency money, too

    Instead of dumping a boatload of money in a high-profile racing series, Mazda has chosen to focus on the little guy in sportsman categories. In doing so, Mazda is funding its own program with parts sold to grassroots racers throughout the country.For example, Mazda makes up about 2 percent of the ...

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    Julio Ochoa Ruelas, co-founder of Dukes car club and lowriding 'godfather,' dies

    The LA Times reports that Julio Ochoa Ruelas, who founded the Dukes So. Cal. car club with his three brothers, passed away last month. The Dukes is the oldest lowrider car club still in existence, now with 29 chapters.Julio and his brothers were long recognized as the spark that ignited the ...

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    Uma Thurman in a yellow Lambo. Yeah, baby!

    The first Pirelli film titled "The Call" was more of a satanic, tire-smoking standoff than a forum for promoting tires. But it was artsy, very well photographed with plenty of cool special effects and intriguing; a thinking man's endorsement of Pirelli tires.The next film called "Mission Zero" ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Toyota boss calls for more industry cooperation

    Even though Toyota is the most profitable automaker in the world, the company is open to more cooperative research efforts with Detroit. Jim Press, president of Toyota Motor North America, said the challenges in responding to environmental concerns are increasing for all manufacturers. "And while I ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Maserati officially launches Trident Discoveries CPO program

    Maserati is going after the premium BMW, Jag and Porsche shopper by announcing today it will be offering certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. Combined with a new in-house finance service and the addition of an automatic transmission to the Quattroporte, the Trident Discoveries CPO program should ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: New Dodge trucks can carry a 'chip-load' of stuff

    Click for a 22-image high-res gallery of the new Dodge Ram Chassis Cab HDLooking to break Ford's domination of the medium-duty truck market, Dodge today launched its Ram 4500 and 5500 chassis cab. Frank Kelgon, executive VP of product development, showed off the two trucks in usual Dodge flair, ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: Dodge Dakota get facelift, more ponies and flex-fuel capability

    Click above image for a high-res photo gallery of official shotsEven as the domestic midsize pickup segment continues to crumble, Dodge is giving the original mama bear a makeover and power boost for 2008. Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show, the new Dakota sports crisper front-end styling and new ...

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    Ford's Mark Fields announces Bold Move: Bring back Taurus & Sable brands

    Making both a bold and simple move, Ford's North American boss Mark Fields confirmed this morning what we already knew, that the Taurus and Sable brands will be resurrected for 2008. Fields, delivering the keynote address at the Chicago Auto Show this morning, said the Ford Five Hundred nameplate ...

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    Disagree with the judges? You pick America's Most Beautiful Roadster

    Click on the above image to view a high-res gallery of all the AMBR contendersAs with any beauty contest, there are differing opinions on the selection of Kevin & Karen Alstott's 1935 Ford as America's Most Beautiful Roadster. The Ridler Award winner was not my first choice, either. But then ...

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    'Deuce' celebrates 75th anniversary in spectacular display at Grand National Roadster Show

    Click on the above image to view a high-res galleryThe iconic symbol of hot rodding is unquestionably the 1932 Ford. Designed with aerodynamic poise by Edsel Ford, the '32 also showcased Henry Ford's engineering genius with the introduction of an affordable V8 engine. Luckily, Ford didn't make the ...

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    Kevin & Karen Alstott's '35 Ford wins America's Most Beautiful Roadster award

    Click on the above image to view a high-res galleryLast year's winner of the prestigious Ridler Award at the Detroit Autorama has added another big trophy to its collection. Kevin and Karen Alstott's 1935 Ford convertible captured top honors at the 58th Grand National Roadster show on Sunday night ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer

    click above image to view 78 images in our high-resolution galleryThe latest expression of Mitsubishi Motors' recovery from its DaimlerChrysler addiction is the 2008 Lancer. With the company's net income "in the black" and positive response to new products in Japan, Mitsubishi appears poised to ...

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