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    Smaller and Cheaper Maserati -- Round-up

    Congratulations to Sean Flanagan for winning Autoblog's impromptu "design" contest for the upcoming baby Maserati with his submission above — sorry, don't have a Nano to give ya, just bragging rights. It was tough deciding between all the quality entries such as ...

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    Honda to Give Away A Civic-A-Day at Disneyland

    If you are planning to go to Disneyland next month, you are in luck — you might come home with a brand new 2006 Honda Civic! During the month of October, Honda will be giving away a 2006 Civic each day at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. You'll get a ...

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    Fiat to Form Alliance with Tata

    Ahhhhh…finally, a chance to use the word Tata in a headline…hehe. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, on to the actual story. Rumors are that Fiat is close to signing a deal with Indian carmaker Tata, the world's fifth largest producer of medium/heavy commercial ...

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    The Next Austin Healey?

    Prof. Krish Bhaskar is at it again. Losing the bid for MG Rover to Nanjing did not keep him down for long. Now, he unveiled a concept called "Project Tempest", an Austin Healey 3000 inspired roadster. The professor's plans call for a base model that starts around £25,000 which ...

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    '69 Ford Bronco PC

    This puts the Hummer laptop to shame. What you are looking at is Richard Sherman' PC case mod inspired by his '69 Ford Bronco. Built completely from scratch, first clay modeling, then rubber mold and finally outcomes the fiberglass case, equipped with 12.1" LCD display under the ...

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    Chrysler 300 to be built in China

    DCX is getting serious in China. You might already know it recently got the green light to produce Mercedes sedans in its new plant outside of Beijing, and earlier this week we reported on its joint venture to build minivans in FuZhou. Now comes news that it will start building Chrysler ...

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    Hyundai to Cut Development Time Down to 18 Months

    Hyundai is running at full speed to reach its goal of becoming one of the world's top five carmakers by 2010. Next month, Hyundai will open a "pilot production facility" in Namyang (Korea) to cut development time for new models from the current 24 months down to 18 months. That means Hyundai will ...

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    Lotus to Open More Dealerships in U.S.

    Lotus is doing great in the U.S. So great that Lotus is planning to open more dealerships. The Elise, a 190hp go-kart-like roadster, sold 2,385 units in a year since its introduction in July 2004 – 20% above projection. With three new model launches in the next few years — Exige, ...

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    Signature Edition R-Class to Fight Women's Cancers

    The marketing/PR folks over at MB USA must have been working overtime. First, it was the Rolling Stones tour sponsorship along with the "Rock the R" sweepstakes. And now, MB has teamed up with Saks Fifth Avenue's KEY TO THE CURE to raise over $1 million for women's cancer ...

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    Nissan Considers to Move from SoCal to…Tennessee?

    Nissan is reportedly contemplating moving its headquarters from Gardena California to Tennessee, the state that's home to their giant assembly plant in Smyrna (20 miles outside of Nashville). Another possible site is Texas as it already has a financial services operation near Dallas. The ...

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    Smaller and Cheaper Maserati

    Disclaimer: The photo above is not real, it's simply a resized photo without aspect ratio preserved. Sorry, Maserati, we couldn't resist…especially after the post on those shrinking cars. In all seriousness, Maserati chief Karl-Heinz Kalbfell announced the company will add a ...

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    2007 Jaguar XK Convertible

    The new Jaguar XK is dropping its top faster than the girls in Girls Gone Wild. Only a day after the world debut of the '07 XK, Jaguar has released photos of the '07 XK convertible. Designed in parallel with the coupe, the drop-top shares the same advanced aluminum body structure as the ...

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    Geely at Frankfurt

    Geely's Frankfurt debut has not gotten nearly as much attention as the big boys, but that certainly has not stopped them from trying. Instead of the usual hot models leaning on show cars, Geely opted for Monkey King and Classic Beauties dressed as Beijing Opera characters. For most, ...

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    Toyota to Cut Prices on Hybrids

    With more and more automakers offering or planning to offer hybrid models, Toyota is looking to stay ahead of the competition by cutting prices on its hybrids. According to Forbes, Toyota president Katsuaki Watanabe told investors that his company plans to reduce the manufacturing cost gap ...

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    Audi 2005 Sales to Rise by 1 Billion Euros

    Audi has made a splash at Frankfurt with the debut of the Q7 and announcing its joint venture with VW and Porsche to develop hybrid technology. Adding icing to the cake, CEO Martin Winterkorn announced Audi's 2005 sales is projected to rise by 1 billion euros from last year's 24.5 billion, a ...

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    Next-gen Saturn Vue

    What you are looking at is actually the Opel Antara GTC that GM unveiled at Frankurt on Monday, but according to GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, it "will be idential to the future Saturn Vue". With the Opel Antara scheduled to go into production in Q4 2006 in Korea, the rebadged next-gen Saturn ...

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    Autoblog Chinese Now Live!

      Yep, you read it right, Autoblog Chinese has launched – in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, no less. Why Autoblog Chinese, you ask? Well, not only is China the hot spot of the global auto industry right now, Chinese also happens to be the most spoken language in ...

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    New Pics of the Fisker Latigo CS & Tramonto

    By now, you've probably already heard that Henrik Fisker (the guy that designed the current generation of gorgeous Aston Martins) is attempting to revive the art of coachbuilding by launching two models: Latigo CS (Based on BMW 6-Series) and Tramonto (Based on Mercedes SL55 AMG). Now ...

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    Matching iPod for Your Car

    iPod is a marketing machine. With more and more auto manufacturers offering or planning to offer "seamless integration" of iPod, the days of having to resort to FM transmitters are numbered. And if you are still not satisfied, how about an iPod that matches your car? Taking the concept of ...

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    Chrysler Reports Record CPO Sales in August

    Last week, we reported Chrysler sales in August was pretty much flat, but it didn't take long for Chrysler's PR folks to point out the positive story in August – a new record of 9,024 Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles were sold compared to last August's 7,589, a 19% lift. ...

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