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    2007 Lincoln Aviator vs. 2004 Aviator Concept

    Above: The first official photo of the 2007 Lincoln Aviator. Below: Lincoln Aviator Concept from the 2004 Detroit show. Not surprisingly, the production version lost the cool rear gate execution from the concept; but fortunately, its sleek overall profile has been retained. ...

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    SEMA Debut -- Pontiac Solstice Weekend Club Racer

    GM is planning a big show for SEMA: it will be coming to the party with tricked-out versions of the Hummer H3, Chevy HHR and Cobalt, Saturn Sky and Ion, Pontiac G6, and this race-inspired Pontiac Solstice named "Weekend Club Racer". Built by GM Performance Division, this special Solstice ...

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    Audi Shooting Brake Concept Microsite

    If you are a fan of the Audi Shooting Brake Concept, you've gotta check out its new microsite — an up-close look at the stunning concept featuring some innovative flash navigation (albeit a bit confusing at times). And of course, they've got a bunch of wallpapers and a screensaver ...

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    Want a Prius? -- Get ready for the wait

    With gas prices as high as they are nowadays, more and more Americans are starting to consider hybrids as an option for their next car purchase. And if you want a Prius, better get your order in now and be prepared for the wait — according to ToMoCo, the waiting list in the U.S. has ...

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    2006 Passat -- 120 Feature Films

    By now, you've probably seen VW's new TV commercials for its 2006 Passat themed "120 not-so-standard features". If you liked those, you gotta check out their minisite that hosts short (about 8 sec each) films that are clever play-on-word for each of the features. Go to VW/Passat, click on ...

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    Lexus LF-A gets V10

    OK. No more beating around the bushes. It's official. ToMoCo has confirmed those 500+ horses in the Lexus LF-A supercar will come from a V10. When the concept debuted in January's Detroit show, Lexus was very secretive about what type of engine will power the 200+ mph supercar, only ...

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    Nissan Amenio Concept

    Are minivans, pardon me, MPVs making a come-back? If you believe in J-cool, then the answer is YES. We've already shown you Suzuki's funky P.X concept, and now, Nissan is joining in with their own cool MPV concept — Amenio. To be shown at the upcoming Tokyo show, Amenio hints ...

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    Porsche to hand out big bonuses

    There's no question Porsche had a great year. How great? Well, just ask any of its 11,700 employees how they feel about their $3,900 bonuses. That's right. Porsche will be distributing a total of $45 million in bonuses this year thanks to a banner year where in which it sold 40,000 Cayennes, ...

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    Superjack Tire Changing Kit

    I had to change a tire recently after discovering a big nail stuck to the sidewall of my front passenger tire. Jacking up the car and loosening those tight lugs under the hot SoCal sun worked up a good sweat for me. If you'd rather do without the exercise and not having to change your shirt ...

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    Lincoln to launch "walking ads" for Zephyr

    There is no doubt the 2006 Zephyr is a very important car for Lincoln. And to make sure it gets the proper attention, Lincoln is launching an innovative advertising campaign called "walking ads". These street-level motion picture ads are 60-foot-long sequence of high-res images that appears ...

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    Len Hunt Leaves VW

    Ready for some automotive industry soap opera? Last month, VW announced the switching of posts between the then VW North America head Len Hunt and Bentley's numero uno Adrian Hallmark. Apparently unhappy with sagging sales in the U.S. market, Wolfsburg decided to bring in Hallmark to turn ...

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    Suzuki Ionis Concept

    Let me say this again…Suzuki will NOT be ignored. In addition to the P.X concept, Suzuki will also be showing this sleek MPV concept called Ionis at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The 134 in. long MPV is a super-green fuel cell vehicle with an electric motor driving its ...

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    Suzuki P.X Concept

    Suzuki will not be ignored. At the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, Suzuki will unveil a funky minivan (never thought I'd use those two words in the same sentence) called P.X. Designed for mid-aged Japanese men tired of the routines of everyday life (ever see that ...

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    Bank Robber Caught after Ditching Car near Police K9 Compound

    This guy definitely earned himself a spot on the "World's Dumbest Criminals" list. After getting away with a small amount of cash from a bank robbery, a 42 year old Swedish man dumped his getaway car near a police dog compound, of all places. As soon as the cops spotted the car on their smoke ...

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    Kia Roadster?

    You might remember this Kia KCV III concept from the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, and if Mr. Peter Butterfield, president/CEO of Kia Motors America gets his way, a version of this roadster might just show up on U.S. roads. It seems Mr. Butterfield has been watching the overwhelming ...

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    Next-gen Scirocco

    GermanCarBlog is one of the blogs that we frequent, for two reasons: 1. we love German cars; 2. we don't speak German. Luckily, Christian does and we find his blog to be a great source of late-breaking German car stories. The latest one to catch our attention is Auto Motor und Sport's ...

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    Toyota Introduces Dual-View Navi

    Earlier this month, we told you about GM's plan to use Sharp's dual-view LCD display technology on its navigation systems. But it appears ToMoCo has beat GM to the punch. Toyota unveiled its dual-purpose navigation/entertainment unit on the Alphard — a minivan sold in Asian markets. ...

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    Pacific Blue Hummer H2

    Tired of the same old black or yellow Hummers? No problemo. GM just released the 2006 Limited Edition Pacific Blue H2, available in both SUV and SUT form. Sure, Pacific Blue sounds pretty cool, but we think the blue is actually closer to blue M&M's rather than the Pacific Ocean. In any ...

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    What to do in a world without cars to escape from hurricanes?

    Talk about timing. The annual World Car Free Day kicked off on September 22nd as millions of Texans got on the road in their CARS to escape from the wrath of Hurricane Rita. The event, which promotes alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based planning, drew harsh criticism from ...

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    10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

    Forbes ranks 2005's 10 most expensive street-legal production cars in the world, and here they are in order of price (highest base price in the world as many command a higher price in Europe than in the U.S.): Saleen S7 Twin Turbo — $670,384 (Europe) ...

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